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We caught up on the series finales of Being Human, Bedlam and Big Love last night.

Bedlam ended like it's hoping for a second season. Cliffhanger, anyone?

Being Human ended in one of the ways I anticipated (with a twist), but it still made me cry. This season was so much better than last. It also ended with a semi-cliffhanger, but, much in the way of the series end of Angel, not one that has to be revisited to work.

Big Love also ended as expected; [livejournal.com profile] gmskarka's guess from mid-season was on the nose, in fact. It didn't make me cry, but it was definitely an appropriate end for the show.

In other news, I'm looking forward to the weekend and nesting more in to the new house.
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It's Thursday, which makes it the perfect day to post this -

OMG! WOW! What a fantastic way to end a series!!!!! (Almost.)

That's right, I'm talking about Supernatural.

Eric Kripke is not from Lawrence. So I must applaud him for the nice use of our most well-known local legend. Yes, that cemetary. All though I really shouldn't be surprised, considering how well the show has made use of other urban legends, as well as blending the Winchesters into the mix.

I must also give him props for writing what is very nearly one of the best series-ending episodes I have seen. I have to say very nearly, because while he created a perfect ending to the show, the CW wanted another season. So you know what that means.

Not that I object to the idea of a sixth season of cute boys in hot car fighting the monsters that are real under the bed. I just would have liked it to be earlier in their story arc. So that it could have been more of just that. No angels/demons/God/predestination/recovery-from-same needed. Just two brothers fighting monsters and occasionally looking for their Dad. The same way that the X-Files worked best when all you needed to know was "Two FBI agents investigate weird shit. He's a believer, she's a skeptic - GO!" Oh, and as Electric Boogaloo would say, I could have done with a bit less man-struating all over the place.

I will definitely miss Cas' bumbling, I-don't-get-you-humans act though. And Crowley the "helpful" demon.

Now, for the rest what I loved about Season Five (and a bit of what I didn't): The spoilery discussion is back this way. Click on through to the other side. )

In the long run though, I cannot dislike a show that loves its car this much. Yes, I have a MASSIVE CRUSH on the Impala, too. And I'm not alone. She even has fan sites here on LJ!

Be seeing you.
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OMG! WOW! What a fantastic way to end a series!!!!!

That's right, I'm talking about Ashes to Ashes.

Non-Spoilery Short Review: I love this show! The finale was really good. I loved the ending idea, and the fact that it tied up and answered questions for both Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes. And that even then it managed to be a bit ambiguous.

That being said, I do have a few minor things to quibble about: PS - These ARE spoilery, so don't look if you don't want to know. )

I must also confess - I have an inexplicable, MASSIVE CRUSH on Philip Glenister's Gene Hunt. And the Quattro.

Seriously. (In the realm of TMI, if he had me shoved me up against a wall, he totally wouldn't have to stop at frisking.) I thought at first it was just the Hunt character (which was odd enough, trust me), but it seems to have carried over to Philip Glenister in general.

Even when he does an atrocious American accent...

That's him in Demons. Which was AWFUL. He was the best thing about it. Well, him and Gladiolus Thrip, the odd little bird-vampire on the left. Thrip was pretty creepy.

Anyway, if you haven't yet, catch up on Ashes to Ashes. It's damn good TV, and even if you need to watch all of Life on Mars too, it won't take you anywhere near as long as it did to get to the end of Lost. You can skip Demons, though. Really.

If any of you did watch 'Ashes', please feel free to discuss in the comments. Spoil away!
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It's April, and there are cute mice playing in tulips in the rain on my calendar.

My weekends are too short!

I appointed Saturday as annoying task day, and accomplished the following:

Replaced the missing stoppers from the ends of the shower curtain rod in our bathroom with two rubber floor protectors that are meant to go under furniture feet. They were exactly the right size, worked beautifully, cost about a fourth of the price of a new curtain-rod, and since they come 4 to a box, we now have spares.

Got the lawnmower wheel repaired. I ran over one of the tires this winter and popped it off the plastic wheel housing. Oops! All that I needed was the right wrench to remove the wheel, but I didn't have one until Saturday. After that, it was a simple matter of taking both bits to the nice people at Fleetwood Mower & Rental. They very kindly returned the tire to its wheel for no charge, and it is now back in place on the mower. Hooray!

As a reward for my labors, we watched the first episode of the new Doctor Who in the afternoon. Which is quite awesome.

Sunday, aka Zombie Jesus Day, aka the day of he who has died and is risen (that would be the Doctor, thank you very much) was fun time:

Spent the early part of the afternoon at Gage Park (home of the train that became Steven King's "Blaine the Mono" in the Dark Tower) having an Easter picnic with my extended family. Well, more like showing up a bit after the time we had planned on, and waiting for the rest of the family to arrive. But they all got there eventually, and there was eating and family visiting and other happy things.

We stayed at the park a bit too late, and had to race home to meet friends so we could share the awesomeness that is New Who with them before our evening gaming session. But we got home in plenty of time, and watched new Who again, (Yay!), played an excellent session of the game, and ate plenty of my tasty homemade chili. Mmmmm, chili.

Also, because [livejournal.com profile] gmskarka loves me, he picked up Gargoyles: The Complete First Season for me on DVD. Gargoyles, I has them! Begin fan-girl rant/You know, although I do have some nifty Gargoyle-themed merchandise - like pencils and a Goliath-shaped drinking cup, I was always bummed about the lack of themed stuff. The property was owned by Disney, fer fucks sake! Where was my box of Gargoyles valentines? Or a cake pan in the form of Goliath? Or a full stationary set? Hmmm? /end fan-girl rant. At leastnow I can watch them again. Yay!
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Because you need to know. ;)

Being Human Series Two
Is eight episodes long this time! And continues to be really quite compelling. Annie's plot gives me shivers and makes me want to hide behind the couch. But I don't want to say much more, since it's still airing - other than, if you're not watching it and you're at all interested in a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost trying desperately to fit in to a middle-class neighborhood, you totally should be. Hmmm - maybe I love it for the same reasons I love the Addams family?

This section brought to you by the letter 'S':

Smallville - Season Four
Mr. Tom Welling is still just as cute as a bug, now with more time with his shirt off. Neither Electric Boogaloo nor I are too depressed by this development. Although I have to wonder if Smallville perhaps moved to a later time slot for the fourth season? Because in the first disc of episodes, not only did we get a completely naked Kal-El, but it seemed like everyone up to and including Lionel Luther had a shower scene. We also just got to the introduction of The Flash, in the person of Bart Allen, with a wallet full of fake IDs sporting the names of Jay Garrick, Wally West and Barry Allen. That, with the new use of Margot Kidder and the new Lois Lane, continues to hold my attention.

Yes, it's another British show. This time it's a new version based on Terry Nation's book, the same way that the 1970s show was. We just finished series one and started series two last night, and since it's so character driven, I think that really the best way to talk about it is to talk about them.
So, for your obscure reference enjoyment (unless you're watching, too, that is):
Abby bores me to tears and they spend too much time on her. I think Tom is far more interesting, and has a more compelling story. I quite like Greg, but that might be because I'm a huge Paterson Joseph fan, more than because I like Greg. Anya is okay - at least she's useful, and sensible, both things which are needed post-apocalypse. I think the Al and Najid story is sweet, but does more for Al's character. I would like to see Najid have to work through more of his strong faith-driven beliefs after losing everything, instead of being just the kid. And Sarah finally just moved from annoying to interesting as of series 2. I loathe Dexter, and wish that Tom could just shoot him in the face already. Same goes for that horribly mis-guided goverment official woman. Also, the introduction of the "sinister lab" worries me. I hope they aren't heading off into "Lost" territory.

And to finish off, Supernatural - Season Four:
I'm a bit bored with the angels/demons story-arc at this point. I really enjoy the one-off episodes far more, where all you need to know is that Sam and Dean drive around in a hot car and kill monsters. On the other hand: [livejournal.com profile] tessagratton, we just watched the episode with the prophet/author, which is totally an 'arc' episode, and it was TOTALLY WORTH THE BACKSTORY! Even if I did nearly die of laughter.

And I think I've written enough about TV for now.
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Watched the "extra" Dollhouse episode earlier this week. It was good. It will be interesting to watch the new season knowing of at least one possible future that Whedon has in mind for the show.

...And I have another dead Laura to add to the list. This one doesn't even get screen time - she's just the name of the person who doesn't make it to shelter at the beginning of the episode. Thanks, Joss.
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True Blood makes me want to play a version of "The Minister's Cat" game - You know, "The minister's wife is a slutty wife."...

Also, is there anywhere where you can actually buy Tru Blood? No, I don't really want the drink. But it would amuse me to drink V8 out of the bottles, and the official website doesn't seem to sell any.

Started watching season three of Supernatural last night. I'm still really enjoying it. I'm also still really bothered by the amount of ground they manage to cover by driving in such short time periods. Like getting from somewhere in Nebraska to Buffalo, NY in about a day, or from Buffalo to Queens in two hours. There can be only one answer to this, of course. Magic Car! Yep. They say that the main car they use has a 327 and skid plates, but we decided that what it's really a 1967 Chevy Impala with a V8 Tesseract Engine.

Short Reaction to Torchwood: Children of Earth, since it just started airing here last night: I think it is 4-and-a-half hours of the best televison Russell Davies has produced. Unfortunately, there's another half-hour of show tacked on at the end. Ah well.
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Yeah, I missed the on-line frenzy last night. *shrug*

Adam Lambert did not win. While I cannot see any reason based on talent or showmanship that would account for this, American Idol certainly got the artist that they are more capable of handling. And Chris Kris Allen is a fine singer - just not a spectacular one.

Besides, after the announcement, when Lambert was congratulating Allen, there was a moment when he said something, and Chris Kris obviously laughed and called him an asshole.

I think Adam said something like this:

"It's okay, really. Brian May just asked me if I'd like to sing for Queen."
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Because it's not enough to just watch TV - I need to pretend I'm interacting with it.

This season's games are:

Game #1
Endless American Idol

American Idol seems endless, and what better way is there to celebrate that fact then by picking contestants that remind me of Neil Gaiman's Endless and seeing how far each incarnation gets. Sort of like betting on the ponies, but gothier. Delirium was a strong early contender this year, but Delirium I didn't make it past Hollywood week, and Delirium II bought it this week, so I may have to shift focus over to Destruction or even Dream. (There's no good Death this season. Ah well.)


Game #2
OMG,JIATM! (aka "Oh my God, Joss is a total misogynist!")
To be played with Dollhouse. Fairly straightforward drinking game. Or good for just yelling at the TV.

Example from last weeks episode: In a room full of ATF agents of apparently equal status, the FEMALE agent was the one assigned to hand out paperwork to her counterparts.

Say it with me now...
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Thank you, Mr. Moffat.

We watched the new BBC production Jekyll this weekend. It takes the original strange case and launches a modern story from there.

There are many wonderful things to say about it, particularly praising the dialogue, as it was penned by Steven Moffat (known to Doctor Who fans for "The Empty Child/Doctor Dances", "The Girl in the Fireplace" and "Blink").

I have a few minor quibbles with the plot, but everything else was so well done that the only other thing that really needs to be said is - go watch this. No really, it's only six episodes long, and it's out on DVD.
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Okay, so maybe watching the slide show of pictures from The Tudors while listening to The Ballad of Maxwell Demon courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] gmskarka's Friday Music wasn't the best thing to do at work. They surely worked well together, though...ummm, what time were you planning to leave tonight, honey?...


Sorry, got distracted.

Anyway, this will be an excellent weekend for television! New Doctor Who tomorrow, and The Tudors finally airs on Sunday at 9pm central. :) So it's actually a good thing that Rome is over, because otherwise Sunday would literally have too much stuff for us to watch in a single evening.

And there was much rejoicing!


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