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Les Liaisons dangereuses by Choderlos de Laclos
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Hero, Le Pacte des Loups, Vidoq, Queen Margot, Kung Fu Hustle, Strictly Ballroom, House of Flying Daggers & Cyrano de Bergerac, to name a few.

And no. I'm pretty much against American remakes. It was a shame what happened to La Femme Nikita. I suppose you could use Desperado as an argument for American remakes, but that was more of a case of giving the creator more money and asking him to expand on his original low-budget idea. To be fair and balanced, I have heard good things about Let Me In, and the version of Let the Right One In that we saw was actually marred by ineffective subtitling.

In general though, what's the point? Learn to read subtitles if you don't know the language, people. Enjoy the experience of watching a film or several from a different culture.

When we went to see Le Pacte de Loups, the kid at the ticket counter actually warned us that it had subtitles and was in...FRENCH. *sigh*
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One film?...Nope. Can't do it. I have had an abiding crush on Depp ever since 21 Jump Street was new. I have too many favorites. Maybe a top five? I'll try that.

Not in any sort of order:

Benny & Joon - For his totally sweet dedication to becoming Buster Chaplin...Charlie Keaton...you know what I mean.

Don Juan DeMarco - Yes, it's also sweet. And I love magical realism, or urban fantsy, or fairy tales, or whatever words you need to use to describe this film.

Donnie Brasco - Depp does not belong to the Meryl Streep/Brad Pitt school of "I'm blonde and can do accents" school of acting. I think he does something a bit more subtle with his portrayals of real people, inhabiting them in a way that finds the thing that will make you care about them, whether they're drug dealers or addict writers or crazy directors or gangsters, or in this case, undercover cops. This one is so good that I don't really want to watch it again - it's just too sad.

The Ninth Gate - This film is creepy and weird, and so is his character. Bonus, it's about books, and Satan! What's not to love?

From Hell - Because this is a film based on a graphic novel and yet his character felt totally real to me. Brave little opium addict investigator.

This is not to say that I don't love Jack Sparrow, or Sands from Once Upon a Time in Mexico, or that I don't think his performance as Edward Scissorhands was anything less than brilliant. I'm just hard pressed to choose even five of his films as favorites. And I really don't care for most of Tim Burton's work, even when it comes with Depp, alas.
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Ha! Hahahahahaha!...I think this one is fairly obvious... :D
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I day dream about this sort of thing a lot, so I have several favorite styles. If money were no object, I would probably have four or five homes. None of them would be the house we're in now.

I'd start with one of the big Victorian homes in my hometown, probably in the "Old West" neighborhood, or perhaps something in one of the older campus neighborhoods. Decorated in keeping with the time period of the house, though I would definitely make a few concessions towards more relaxing furniture. Since money is no object for this excercise, I might also take a page from the NYPL and have a modern basement installed under the back yard/garden. Just 'cause.

The next one would be either a brownstone or converted warehouse space in NYC. I like an equal number of different things about both styles, so my imagination refuses to pick one. Whichever one I chose though, I would decorate it comfortably. Someplace where we could invite people over if we felt like it, but that wouldn't need a staff of 20 for upkeep if we wanted to spend all of our time out in the city. And no modern lines for this decorator. Clean, modern spaces always make me feel like I would hurt myself if I fell down in one. Also, that if I have a glass-topped coffee table, eventually a serial killer is going to show up and get thrown into it - and really, who needs that hanging over their head?

The other three, or four homes would all be pretty much the same. Smallish, simple spaces with just a few rooms and huge porch/patio/deck areas overlooking the sea. All of them decorated with locally-produced furnishings, found objects and thrift store purchases. Places where we could show up with a few clothes and a suitcase of books and relax on the water all day before retreating into the house for the night. The only reason that I joke about having more than one is that I keep changing where I want it to be. Long Island? Hawaii? Coastal Scotland? Greek Isles? The Caribbean? Hash boat in Kerala, India? Too many choices! I know it sounds like we should just travel, but I really like the idea that if I forget and leave the book I'm reading on a chair, it will be there waiting for me when I come back. Also, of being able to say "Here, you look stressed. Please, take the beach house in "X" for a month" to family and friends. :)

So that's that.

Be seeing you. Probably with a GenCon report.
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What used to be my favorite sandwich. I ate this combo nearly every day for lunch when I was a kid, including taking it for my school lunches, so no, I didn't eat it only in private.

Technically, I guess it no longer counts as a "favorite" food combo, since the day (I was around ten, I think) that I bit into one and thought "YUCK!" for no particular reason. I suppose that my body just didn't need whatever nutrient it had been getting anymore, so it no longer tasted good.

The sandwich was bologna, lettuce, and a healthy serving of grape jelly on whole wheat bread.

I have never gone back to try it, but given that I seem to have always enjoyed salt/sugar combos, I'm pretty willing to give The Doctor's fish fingers and custard dish a try. :)
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According to [livejournal.com profile] gmskarka, our pets already do this with me, so I doubt it would make much difference in our lives...


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