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I have a hoarding problem. I come by it naturally, as in it runs in my family. I'm actively fighting it, as I don't want to have the same issues that my parents are currently dealing with in their basement, or end up leaving a house full of meaningless stuff behind for my step-kids to dumpster after I'm gone. Which is what my grand parents did.

So. Magazines. A giant box of them, left behind when I moved out of my parents house nearly twenty years ago. I've been really good recently, about disposing of magazines & catalogs after I have perused them, or switching entirely to digital when I can.

I was horrified. What was in these things that I needed to save so much that I BOXED THEM UP and stored them? Was my brain going to tell me I still needed them? ACK! So I started looking. And well, instant relief.

Decorating magazines (LOTS of decorating magazines). But I have a Pinterest now. Digital Hoarding = FREEDOM from paper!!!

Also, a pile of Writer's Digests with no longer relevant writing and publishing advice, (I've got the internet for that now) nostalgic only because they are direct evidence of my parents and grandparents (they all bought me subscriptions at one point or another) belief in my writing ability. I may take a few pictures to remember them by, but I don't have to keep them.

Take that, hoarding brain!
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It was a busy weekend, and I didn't even have to leave my house, as Operation Gareth and Laura get offices went into full swing. I will have a place to write and sew and craft! Gareth will have a door to close work behind at the end of the day!

I moved a desk, two dressers, two beds, and a futon (with help). Also all of the things that were stacked on and around those pieces of furniture. And then there was the vacuuming. Soooo much vacuuming!

End result:

With the exception of the desk, which is waiting for risers to make it tall enough for a certain husband to use comfortably (antique furniture is great, except that a lot of it was designed for much shorter people), and a full size mattress & box spring that are now "spare", and I haven't decided what to do about, things are in place and ready to use.

Each office has a comfortable place for visiting children/guests to sleep.

Our two grown daughter's belongings are neatly arranged so that they can find them when they visit, and take away as much as we can force on them what they want for their own places.

The floors are much cleaner than they were on Friday. (Soooo much vacuuming.)

Future planning:

I have more crafty/sewing stuff to haul out of the cellar and store in my new office. I am really looking forward to having ALL THE THINGS organized in one room (for the first time in over a decade), so that each project does not have to begin with trying to remember where I put something, then shutting the cats in the bathroom so they can't get in to the cellar, then moving boxes/digging through boxes to find what I need and hauling it upstairs.

We have a lot of art to frame and hang up, now that there's room for it.

Note to self:

Paper hoarding is obviously still a HUGE problem for me. I plan to use the new workspace available to me to sort and get rid of massive amounts of it. Hopefully the fabric hoarding will take care of itself once I'm sewing more.
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For one thing, water continues to really want to be involved in our major life events. We were soaked and cold on our wedding day, and have been soaked and cold during this entire moving process. Boo. I mean, SNOW?!?!! Really? I thought "out like a lamb" indicated Spring, not "White & Fluffy".

Also, being soaked and cold all the time, plus the stress of moving, pretty much = entire family ill with bad cold for weeks on end. What fun. The worst bit for me is that I'm starving all the time, but nothing tastes good - or at all, for that matter. Well, that and the wracking cough. Hello cold medicine, cough drops and Emergen-C.

Bonus round: While cleaning at the old house on Sunday, I realized that there was a problem with the heater - no heat & no hot water. Which meant that I couldn't really clean, since it was nearly freezing inside the house. As I really don't want to have to clean up ANOTHER flood just before we hand over the keys, I called the management company. I think I'll be doing that a lot in the next 4 days. I did haul away a bunch of recycling, however.

On the plus side (finally): At our new home, we got most of the master bathroom & kitchen stuff put away over the weekend. And the living room is livable. Tonight, we tackle the dining room and possibly some of our bedroom, since some of the furniture in the staging area dining room belongs there. Large portions of this move in to the new place are sort of (in some cases literally) stacked on top of one another - we have to have THIS in place to be able to move THAT, and so on. I picked at the tail of the beast by putting a few more things out of the way in the cellar, but that is definitely not a permanent solution.

Next up - moving furniture and purging more things.
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So - mostly moved out of old place. There is still cleaning up to do, and a couple trips to the recycling/trash bins, but our stuff, it is moved.

Now we come the the "nesting" portion of the move. Which is even more important this time that it was the last time (eight years ago). Because this time we don't have a garage to dump things into - we do have a basement, but it's really more of a cellar - rock walls, not convenient for easy access, not the kind of place where you'd want to put fabric anything, etc...

We do have a TON of built in cabinets & shelves, and a pantry closet, so that helps with the places to put stuff - just not with the sorting that we ought to have done BEFORE we moved.

Just for fun, I once designed a studio apartment based on the premise that everything - everything - had to fit into a single carload of a 4-door sedan. (It involved a lot of inflatable furniture. That's how.) I have been thinking a lot about that design this past week, and how I am not that person. Hell, I wasn't that person when I came up with the idea in the first place, but I feel even further away from it now.

Alas...earwax. And definitely some paper shredding in the near future.
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So - moving - Bleah.

Saturday we picked up the truck and installed the pets at the new house with no trouble. (Dog in crate, cats locked in master bathroom, safely out of the way.)

Trouble waited until we were trying to move. For one thing, we were nowhere near ready enough to move all our stuff - not enough boxes, not enough packed, not enough cleaned - ack!

Then, just before Friends arrived to help us start loading the truck, disaster struck in the form of a broken tap attached to the washing machine. I carefully turned the on/off knobs to OFF, which was clearly marked by the word "OFF". The hot water tap leaked a bit, but came away with no problem. When I unscrewed the cold water tap, water came jetting out, full force, with the tap clearly still ON despite the fact that it was turned off. Tried to hold back the tide with my hands and a bucket while yelling for [livejournal.com profile] gmskarka & Electric Boogaloo to come and help. They finally came downstairs & heard me, and we took turns bailing & going to the garage (next to the laundry room) to search for the water cut-off. Yes, I know, we should have known where it was, but in the previous 8 years of renting, we'd never needed it. Searched all over/around the water heater for something resembling a shut-off valve - no dice. Called the management company - no help, since they said to look where I was already looking - next to the water heater.

Finally found the damned shut-off lever, BEHIND and ABOVE the water heater, after about 15 minutes of flooding. My hands were so cold that I couldn't move the stupid thing, so one of our kind friends did it for me. By that time, water had been pouring for about 15 minutes, flooding the kitchen, the laundry room, the bathroom off the laundry room, and part of the garage and the living room under the carpet, because this place was built on a slab!

We then spent some time mopping/scooping up water that had been contaminated by the cat-litter strewn under the washer & dryer (bloody cats!). The water is gone now, but the cat smell remains. There is still a LOT of scrubbing to do. Plus some more packing, although most of the furniture is moved.

Last night, the very lovely [livejournal.com profile] radcliffe helped me pack up most of the kitchen while I emptied a couple of rooms upstairs. Tonight, the last of the packing/moving & more cleaning is in our future.
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So far this week I have managed to haul at least one carload over to the house every day. I feel that two or more would have been better, but I suppose every bit helps.

We're really behind on filling up the built-in bookshelves - since they're right there, it makes sense for us to fill them up first, instead of having boxes piled around waiting for furniture. Being a house full of sick people for the last week or so sort of put a crimp in that plan, but todays carload will take care of some of that.

For the weekend, we're borrowing a van and wearing ourselves out with the hauling. Woot!..or something...

Wish us luck!
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1) Sick. Have been so for over a week with a cold that fluctuates between giving me a few sniffles here and there and leaving me feeling like a plague victim. After sleeping about 18 hours Monday (aided by furry water bottles in the form of two cats and a dog), I'm up and moving around, but everyone still sounds like they're underwater.

2) Moving. Ack! From a two-story townhome with garage on the edge of town to a single-story house with a cellar in my favorite part of town and in walking distance to almost everything. And did I mention the built-in cupboards in the "new" place? They're everywhere. I love them. With all the bookshelves we're bringing with us, we may actually have space for ALL of our books now. Until we buy more, that is. And of course, there are all the hassles of moving to be dealt with over the next month. Did I mention I hate moving? With a firey passion that burns greater than a thousand suns? It sets off pretty much every trigger I have about security and "my stuff".

3) Item 2 sort of derailed my 52 project for now. I'm going to have some serious catching up to do after March, or I won't be pleased with myself at all. At least I'm still managing to write a bit every day.
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[livejournal.com profile] gmskarka and I took four large boxes of DVDs, video tapes and books, including a large pile of old RPG stuff that he didn't want any more, to Half-Price Books on Monday. We thought that they would want maybe half of what we brought in, and expected to do a run to the public library donation-box afterward.

While we were waiting around for their purchase offer, I had a few flutters of anxiety about getting rid of "our stuff". My brain firmly lectured my gut about how silly that was. Then they called us up to the counter. They bought everything. At a good price.

As it turns out, rubbing money on my stuff-anxiety helps calm it quite a bit.

Going home and seeing available space in the garage where the boxes had been stacked also helped.

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"Mottainai" is a Japanese word that means "don't waste" and conveys the idea that wasting useful things is actually shameful.

It's a good word.

You may thank the No-Impact Man blog for todays lesson, since that's where I saw it mentioned.
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Today I am indulging in one of my favorite exercise programs - reshelving books. There's bending and stretching and lifting and walking and pushing heavy objects. When I used to do this sort of thing 20 hours a week, I was in much better shape than I am now. I've missed it. Plus, I am a chronic book-truck browser, so if a new book or two hasn't wandered back to my desk with me by the end of the day, I will be very surprised.

I've also come to realize recently that the longer I work in libraries, the less I view books as physical objects, and the more I see them as the ideas they contain.

Which means that the objects themselves can pass through my hands, leave, and come back again when I want them. Instead of being stored in boxes, rarely looked at, and hauled back and forth across the country "just in case" I need them - yes, guilty as charged. Did I mention that I have a bit of a hoarding problem? (Also a long-standing disappointment at the fact that a number of people who have the same interests as I do also seem to constitute a large percentage of the people who steal books from libraries - but that's another story, and can be told another time.) So this is a fairly revolutionary idea for me personally.

My newfound attitude doesn't apply to all my books. Some I can't replace, some have individual sentimental value, and some I just love so much that I'd have to keep them out on permanent loan. Those all need to stay. The rest though, the rest can travel. If I need them again, they'll come back.

Just another reason why I love libraries.

Libraries = freedom from stuff!


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