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What to do when you have
1) a garbage bag of polyfill stuffing
2) a pile of t-shirts that you love for the memories but never wear
3) also throw pillows covered in hideous upholstery

New throw pillows, of course. LOTS of them.

And so it begins...
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But I am working on it.

I decided to finish up the sample stuff I had started for that game, and have it ready, just in case the opportunity presented itself to audition with the new company that's taking the license. So that's done. Nothing may come of it, but I will at least have tried.

And in other news, I actually did some of the sewing that I had set aside in my new project-oriented sewing system. Nothing big. But compared to the zero sum creativity of this year, it feels huge.

Am also back on track with some research for a short story I wrote last year that I want to expand into a YA novel.

So I think maybe I needed that day long crying jag.

*Looks into the future. Trudges towards it.*
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I have been stuck in a creative and accomplishment dead zone for most of the past year. And probably for a few years before that. I have been intensely frustrated by this for ALL of that time, but knowing WHAT I need to do hasn't helped with HOW to go about doing it.

As a friend said recently about struggling with her own issues, what I have lacked is strategy. No matter how many lists I came up with of Things to Do, I totally lacked a plan for how to accomplish them. So what I had were lists of ideas with nothing crossed off, and this sort of burning anger at myself for failing at being the creative person that I know I am.

But no strategy. So I searched Pinterest for some. And I found one, from a seamstress who packages all of her projects into "kits" ahead of time, so when she has time to work on something, she can get right to it, without wasting time searching for supplies.

This applies directly to my issues, as I had simply crammed 3/4s of my fabric and sewing and art supplies into an overflowing closet in our too-small three-use office space. Which gave me a lot of ideas, but meant that any time I wanted to work on something, I had to spend an hour digging out what I needed for it.

So this weekend, I decided on a strategy. I came up with a simple list, of projects that I want/need to get done in the next six months. New stuff, repairs or alterations to old stuff. Not a very long list, really. Then I sorted through the GIANT PILE of supplies and fabric, picked out what I needed for those projects only, and then packed everything else up and moved it to the basement. That stuff is heavy. I'm sure it qualified as a workout. Then I put everything in easy reach in my newly empty closet. There's a lot more room in that room now. (Side bonus.)

The second part of the strategy is that I can't get out any other stuff until at least half of the things in the closet have been finished and removed to new uses.

We'll see how this goes. If I STILL don't sew after this, I may need to have an extensive yard sale - or a bonfire. But last night, for the first time in ages, I actually did some sewing.

Next up: My WRITING desk. Fingers crossed!
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It was a busy weekend, and I didn't even have to leave my house, as Operation Gareth and Laura get offices went into full swing. I will have a place to write and sew and craft! Gareth will have a door to close work behind at the end of the day!

I moved a desk, two dressers, two beds, and a futon (with help). Also all of the things that were stacked on and around those pieces of furniture. And then there was the vacuuming. Soooo much vacuuming!

End result:

With the exception of the desk, which is waiting for risers to make it tall enough for a certain husband to use comfortably (antique furniture is great, except that a lot of it was designed for much shorter people), and a full size mattress & box spring that are now "spare", and I haven't decided what to do about, things are in place and ready to use.

Each office has a comfortable place for visiting children/guests to sleep.

Our two grown daughter's belongings are neatly arranged so that they can find them when they visit, and take away as much as we can force on them what they want for their own places.

The floors are much cleaner than they were on Friday. (Soooo much vacuuming.)

Future planning:

I have more crafty/sewing stuff to haul out of the cellar and store in my new office. I am really looking forward to having ALL THE THINGS organized in one room (for the first time in over a decade), so that each project does not have to begin with trying to remember where I put something, then shutting the cats in the bathroom so they can't get in to the cellar, then moving boxes/digging through boxes to find what I need and hauling it upstairs.

We have a lot of art to frame and hang up, now that there's room for it.

Note to self:

Paper hoarding is obviously still a HUGE problem for me. I plan to use the new workspace available to me to sort and get rid of massive amounts of it. Hopefully the fabric hoarding will take care of itself once I'm sewing more.

2 of 52

Jan. 24th, 2011 01:29 pm
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So, for my next trick.


Bloomers! 2 of 52. on Twitpic

Ta Da!

Also, I wrote a short story this past weekend. By hand. Which still seems to be the key to fast, easy writing for me. I don't know why I ignore it. When I type, I often spend far too much time going back over things and editing as I write, instead of just getting the story out. So, more hand writing is in my future. Unfortunately, that means I do have to type it out to be able to show it to anyone else, so that's the goal for this week.

I just couldn't get this nursery rhyme verse out of my head, so I used it as a story prompt:

My Mother said I never should
Play with the gypsies in the wood;

Be seeing you.


Dec. 20th, 2010 04:34 pm
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It feels rather cliched to post this so soon after turning 40, but that also seems like a silly excuse to avoid writing about it...

I do not ask enough of myself for me. This is not about what I do or don't do for others - it is all about what I expect of myself, and honestly, I'm too easy on me.

I watch TV when I could be writing. I make lists of things I want to make when I could be creating the things themselves. I leave stuff sitting in piles when I know that I would be happier if I just dealt with it instead. I sit on the couch when I could be exercising.

This is not to say that just relaxing isn't okay sometimes. But it definitely isn't okay to 'veg-out' all the time. And leaving myself creatively unfulfilled because I'm too tired or too busy or someone else needs something from me or that show I like is on or I should be doing laundry and I can do that later...hurts.

Even my New Years resolutions for that past few years have reflected this - vague notions of stuff I'd like to do, with no concrete plans for accomplishing any of it, so I just let things drift by until I've forgotten about them. It isn't working, and it isn't helping.

So I'm changing tactics, and calling myself out in public.

My primary goal and my biggest challenge for 2011 is 52.

Fifty-two complete creations. One a week.

Since I have a lot of neglected creative interests, I'm not holding myself to a category - it can be jewelry or clothing or a short story or a novel or a handbag or a painting or something I'm not even considering right now. (It doesn't have to be new - if I finish a novel that I've been working on for years, I might even give myself a week off.)

They won't have to be perfect, but they will have to be things that pleased me to create - no "filler" projects just to hit my quota.

So. There it is - my challenge to myself. Starting around January 7th, 2011, I'll be posting my results here. It's an exercise for me, but if you're interested in seeing how it's going, you're welcome to check in.
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Q: What do you do when you have a surplus of green-striped fabric that reminds you of mattress-ticking, used-but-clean stuffing from a couple of deceased pillows, and the quilted top of an old mattress pad?

A: You make the dog a super-comfy pillow bed for her crate so she actually sleeps there and stops whining to get into bed with you at night.


Q: What happens when you finish the super-comfy mattress with removable, washable fuzzy cover and install it in said dog crate?

A: The cat chases the dog out and sleeps there.


We have a cat-sized travel crate and more of the material left. I'll see how putting a smaller-size crate & pillow arrangement on top of the dog crate works out.



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