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I've felt like I've had a low-grade fever for the last week, along with headache and stuffed-up sinuses. Bleah. In order to post without further complaining about how lousy I feel, I bring you...largely non-spoilery reviews!

"I would like a small, dead prince, please." (I love Timebomb!)

First off, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] gamera_spinning, Friend to Geeks, Gareth and I were recently indoctrinated into the group "people who love No Heroics". For those not already in this group, No Heroics is a British comedy series about what D-List super heroes do in their off hours, and it is snarky and wonderful! I'm fascinated by how not-slick the production values are, too. It feels more like a better-quality fan film than a low-budget professional show. The closest American parallel that I can think of is the live-action version of The Tick, but even that featured beautifully made-up actors with perfect hair. One of the actresses on this show regularly sports frizzy, unkempt hair! I happily award No Heroics first series four tit-monkeys, and hope there will be more. :)

Next up, a bit of ridiculous Japanese fluff discovered by [livejournal.com profile] radcliffe called Kamikaze Girls. This one features Gothic Lolita fashion, all-girl scooter gangs and a fight won through the power of embroidery and the effective use of a baseball bat, and is fully deserving of it's five tit-monkey rating. If you like extreme Japanese fashion, friendship with cabbages and men who punch out satellite cameras, this is definitely the film for you. It certainly was for me.

Late to the party, but I don't care because we have Netflix, we have discovered Smallville, and I'm hooked. We tried to watch this in the first season when it originally aired, and just couldn't get into it. At the time I remember thinking that it was too much kryptonite-monster-of-the-week, and it is, a bit. But the main cast is really quite good, and it is obviously the characters that drive the show. For now, based on being part-way into Season One, I'll give it a hopeful three tit-monkey rating.

Finally, one for the not-so-awesome category. I give you Sex and the City: The Movie. I am so glad that I didn't pay money to see this in the theatre. It attempts to condense an entire seasons worth of emotion into a two-and-a-half hour film, so that by the time the inevitable happy ending was on-screen, I had yet to recover from being annoyed with Carrie (and Miranda this time around) for being so selfish, stupid and crazy mid-season/movie. And I'm not sure that this will amuse anyone other than me, but Big's official "real" name, John Preston, reminds me of Prester John, the legendary ruler of a lost/imaginary Christian kingdom, and the object of more than one failed quest. Coincidence? Maybe the writers really do have brains that bend like mine, but I'm still only giving them two tit-monkeys for this film, and that's only because I already liked the characters.

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So, Hot Fuzz is just as brilliantly funny as "Shawn of the Dead".

And I about fell off the couch laughing when I saw why Edward Woodward had to be in the movie.


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