Jul. 7th, 2011 11:43 am
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Wherein I commit a breach of feline servant etiquette, and suffer the consequences.

Last night, I got home from work with a short "To Do" list of housework rattling around in my skull that looked like this: Load dishwasher; Change bed linens; Wash sheets; Change cat litter.

After a bit, the list looked like this: Load dishwasher; Change bed linens; Wash sheets; Change cat litter.

At that point, via teh intarwebz, the husband saw that there was a Sporting KC match on, and we went off to our local bar/pub/watering hole to watch it. One game, some socializing and a couple of drinks later, we came home, watched the latest True Blood episode with Teenager 2: Electric Boogaloo, and went to bed.

Except: Guess who disapproved of my failure to finish my list? That would be the little cat who decided to pee smack in the middle of our freshly-made bed while we were out. And our other nice sheets were still in the wash.

Half-an-hour later, bed stripped, new laundry started, CATS LITTER FUCKING CHANGED, bed made with mis-matched sheets (alas!), we finally got to sleep.

This morning, the saga continued. As I was leaving the house, I had to deal with the efforts of an industrious spider that had spun a web across our door during the night. I did not walk through the web (thankfully, massive freak-out avoided), but as I was clearing the doorway with a stick, I stepped on the now rain-soaked bag of old cat litter on the back step, which broke and spilled all over the place. So I got to clean it up AGAIN and haul it out to the trash can. *sigh*

To finish off my morning, when I parked for work (now rather late), I realized that 1) It was raining, and 2) I had left my umbrella in my office the night before.

For the rest of the day, I shall be concentrating on "What Can Possibly Go Right?!", as the answer to the opposite question does not bear thinking about.

Kat-ma: 1, Me: 0
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Not the best way to start a weekend. But I now have a very expensive cat.

Thursday night the husband and I noticed an unusual fluids-leak (I will spare you the details of same) from our cat, Taryn. A couple of quick internet searches later, [livejournal.com profile] gmskarka had determined that a likely cause was Pyometra (Wiki-link with gruesome details), which is a serious infection of the uterus that can sometimes spread to the bloodstream. Recommended treatment is pretty much "take it out, now!", so I made a quick call to the vet's emergency service. After I gave her the symptoms, the vet said that we could wait until regular office hours to come in. So, Friday afternoon, off I went, with Taryn complaining loudly from her pet taxi. One exam later, including lab work, the diagnosis was definitely pyometra, and Taryn was swept away to the operating theatre for emergency removal of her female bits. I got to go home and worry.

Now the good news. She did very well in surgery, the infection had not spread, and she is recovering at home, living it up in her private apartment (more often known as the college student's bedroom), and pretty much leaping around like nothing ever happened. The only thing that this makes difficult is giving her her medicine, because she tries to jump around when I do that, too.

Hooray Gentle Care! Your vets rock!

Note to self: It is in fact, NOT cruel to spay your pet, even when they never go outside. Taryn's sister Charlotte will be having her insides scooped just as soon as Taryn recovers.

And how did I decide to celebrate the cat's speedy recovery? By having a migraine, and jamming (possibly breaking) my serger on Sunday night. Fun.

Can I have a re-do on the weekend, please?
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Q: What do you do when you have a surplus of green-striped fabric that reminds you of mattress-ticking, used-but-clean stuffing from a couple of deceased pillows, and the quilted top of an old mattress pad?

A: You make the dog a super-comfy pillow bed for her crate so she actually sleeps there and stops whining to get into bed with you at night.


Q: What happens when you finish the super-comfy mattress with removable, washable fuzzy cover and install it in said dog crate?

A: The cat chases the dog out and sleeps there.


We have a cat-sized travel crate and more of the material left. I'll see how putting a smaller-size crate & pillow arrangement on top of the dog crate works out.



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