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Yeah, I could watch this all day.

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Or, more acurately, my mothers childhood.

Todays issue of "random things that get stuck in my head" is a tune that looks like this:

They strolled the lane together,
The sky was studded with stars.
He walked up to the gate with her,
For her he lifted the bar.
She raised her brown eyes to him...

But, there's nothing between them now.
For he was just the hired boy,
And she a Jersey cow.

It's one of many funny little songs that my mom sang to us as kids. I don't know where she got it, but sometimes it just pops into my brain and sits there for awhile. Thought I'd share.
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Just thought I would embellish a tweet from [livejournal.com profile] gmskarka for fun:

The Staple Singers - Respect Yourself

Madonna's Express Yourself, linked because the video wouldn't let me embed it.

Lady Gaga - Born This Way

whattravissays - Gallifrey

That's all for now... Be seeing you!
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Video footage of Duran Duran’s photo shoot for L’Uomo Vogue at Syon House. Video courtesy of Duran Duran + Gavin Elder:

Duran Duran made a video out of a photo shoot, because that's just the kind of guys they are. :)

(PS - Just in case you have wandered across this on Facebook and my embeddy thing didn't work - here's a link to their page: http://www.duranduran.com/wordpress/2011/duran-duran-luomo-vogue/)

* - Pulled muscle pain from moving heavy stuff around my house. Oww!
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Old house is empty and clean. Hooray!

This week saw the last of the scrubbing and recycling and trash out the door. I finished up by giving the garage a good sweep, and it's done.

I only pulled one muscle during the process - whatever the one is that wraps around my left ribcage and attaches to my spine. It kinda hurts a lot, but only when I breathe.

This weekend, not only does the weather look promisingly Spring-like, we also get to focus on putting the new house in order. Double Hooray!

I'm looking forward to knowing where my clothes are, and maybe being able to start MAKING THINGS again next week.

Also, for your viewing pleasure, here is a link to Duran Duran's performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon from last night: Leave a Light On. DD has been on everywhere for the last two weeks - it's like I'm 14 again. squee!
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Passing it on -

I just do not think I can express how TOTALLY AWESOME this is.

You'll have to watch it and see for yourself.

And okay, they aren't really Sam and Dean Winchester - they're actually two guys named Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic, who are even more awesome, because they're, y'know, real people.

My thanks to [livejournal.com profile] starwyse for pointing this out.
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Duran Duran released a new album this week. According to thier producer, Mark Ronson, they went for a sort of "imaginary follow-up to Rio" concept, which is pretty evident in several of the tracks. I do not have a problem with that. (It also doesn't hurt that I think Simon is still pretty damn hot...) Here, check out the new video:

I like and or love a wide variety of music in a vast array of styles. DD will always be my favorites for a very simple reason - listening to their music makes me happy, even when the songs are kind of dreamy and sad. In fact, I think that they are rather genius at crafting songs that can make you feel at once nostalgic and glad about it.
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Thank you for my awesome birthday present [livejournal.com profile] gmskarka!

So, I said that I didn't care what Leonard Cohen did on stage as long as I got to see him live. And that it would be totally okay with me if all he did was sit and read his poetry all night.

Well, instead, he and his incredible band of accompanying musicians and vocalists did this setlist:

Dance Me to the End of Love;
The Future;
Ain't No Cure for Love;
Bird on the Wire;
Everybody Knows;
In My Secret Life;
Who By Fire;
Chelsea Hotel #2;
Waiting for the Miracle;
Anthem. (He introduced his fellow musicians during the wind down.)


Tower of Song;
Sisters of Mercy;
The Gypsy's Wife;
The Other Blues Song (Feels So Good);
The Partisan;
Boogie Street;
I'm Your Man;
A Thousand Kisses Deep;
Take This Waltz. (He introduced the band again during the wind down.)

So Long, Marianne;
First We Take Manhattan;
Famous Blue Raincoat;
If It Be Your Will;
Closing Time;
I Tried to Leave You. (Where he thanked the audience for the kind welcome and attention. And his lighting director. Who totally deserved it.)

The stage set-up was just the band with draped curtains behind them, but the lighting changed the set drastically for every song, from a fairly obvious deep blue for "Famous Blue Raincoat" to lighting the back-drop curtains so they actually resembled a pipe-organ during "Hallelujah".

The show was around 3 hours long. And he danced on and off stage between sets. And the "sublime" Webb sisters (2 of his vocal accompanists - on "vocals, harp, and acrobatics") did cartwheels. The best song intro, or at least his funniest, was the lead-in to "Chelsea Hotel #2", where he talked about sitting in a Miami Polynesian-themed bar, drinking rum from a ceramic vessel shaped to resemble a coconut, "taking a vacation from the deeply authentic", and reminiscing about the Sixties, "which, contrary to popular belief, lasted fifteen minutes".

I may come back and add some more cool stuff as I remember it, but in short, "What do you get when you put Leonard Cohen and a bunch of fantasic musicians on stage together?" - Answer: A really AWESOME evening of music that never hit a wrong note - literally."

And I got my poetry, in "A Thousand Kisses Deep". It gave me chills, I tell you. Chills. Really, good, chills.

Back to Rockville review from KC Star here. Their reviewer gets some of the song names a bit wrong, but sums up the experience nicely.

And here's one from The Pitch
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Yes, it was pretty damn awesome.

Elvis Costello opened for them, and he was also quite awesome. And as has been mentioned elsewhere - he has released a new record - by which he means record, as in a black vinyl disc with grooves on it. Which I find, well, groovy... :P

There were only two things about the Police performance that threw my expectations off a bit. One, Sting was sporting a full beard - neatly trimmed, but not shaped at all. It was initially so disconcerting that I had to distract myself with his arms - the arms of a yoga-practicing bassist...those are some good arms... Anyway, the second thing was that they performed nearly everything in a lower register to accomodate the fact that tantric yoga can't really re-sculpt vocal cords.

Luckily for me, that didn't affect my favorite number at all. Wrapped Around Your Finger features some of my favorite Police lyrics and showcases Stewart Copeland's drumming virtuosity. Watching him bounce from drum kit to gong to xylophone to tympanny to whatever that little rack full of bell/cymball things is called and literally never miss a beat was utterly delightful.

Also, Andy Summers wore a black hoodie sweatshirt decorated to look like the old band-jackets that he used to wear - I want one.

(Post concert aside - Have you ever noticed just how many of their songs focus on the creepy, obsessive-stalker side of love? "Roxanne", "Don't Stand So Close to Me", "Every Breath You Take", even "Wrapped Around Your Finger" and the one about the inflatable girl, a bit. No wonder Sting felt compelled to write "If You Love Someone Set Them Free")

All three of them are utterly fantastic at what they do, the show was incredible, and fully deserving of a Ten Tit-Monkey rating out of a possible five. :)

[livejournal.com profile] gmskarka's review through here.


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