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Old house is empty and clean. Hooray!

This week saw the last of the scrubbing and recycling and trash out the door. I finished up by giving the garage a good sweep, and it's done.

I only pulled one muscle during the process - whatever the one is that wraps around my left ribcage and attaches to my spine. It kinda hurts a lot, but only when I breathe.

This weekend, not only does the weather look promisingly Spring-like, we also get to focus on putting the new house in order. Double Hooray!

I'm looking forward to knowing where my clothes are, and maybe being able to start MAKING THINGS again next week.

Also, for your viewing pleasure, here is a link to Duran Duran's performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon from last night: Leave a Light On. DD has been on everywhere for the last two weeks - it's like I'm 14 again. squee!
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For one thing, water continues to really want to be involved in our major life events. We were soaked and cold on our wedding day, and have been soaked and cold during this entire moving process. Boo. I mean, SNOW?!?!! Really? I thought "out like a lamb" indicated Spring, not "White & Fluffy".

Also, being soaked and cold all the time, plus the stress of moving, pretty much = entire family ill with bad cold for weeks on end. What fun. The worst bit for me is that I'm starving all the time, but nothing tastes good - or at all, for that matter. Well, that and the wracking cough. Hello cold medicine, cough drops and Emergen-C.

Bonus round: While cleaning at the old house on Sunday, I realized that there was a problem with the heater - no heat & no hot water. Which meant that I couldn't really clean, since it was nearly freezing inside the house. As I really don't want to have to clean up ANOTHER flood just before we hand over the keys, I called the management company. I think I'll be doing that a lot in the next 4 days. I did haul away a bunch of recycling, however.

On the plus side (finally): At our new home, we got most of the master bathroom & kitchen stuff put away over the weekend. And the living room is livable. Tonight, we tackle the dining room and possibly some of our bedroom, since some of the furniture in the staging area dining room belongs there. Large portions of this move in to the new place are sort of (in some cases literally) stacked on top of one another - we have to have THIS in place to be able to move THAT, and so on. I picked at the tail of the beast by putting a few more things out of the way in the cellar, but that is definitely not a permanent solution.

Next up - moving furniture and purging more things.
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So - mostly moved out of old place. There is still cleaning up to do, and a couple trips to the recycling/trash bins, but our stuff, it is moved.

Now we come the the "nesting" portion of the move. Which is even more important this time that it was the last time (eight years ago). Because this time we don't have a garage to dump things into - we do have a basement, but it's really more of a cellar - rock walls, not convenient for easy access, not the kind of place where you'd want to put fabric anything, etc...

We do have a TON of built in cabinets & shelves, and a pantry closet, so that helps with the places to put stuff - just not with the sorting that we ought to have done BEFORE we moved.

Just for fun, I once designed a studio apartment based on the premise that everything - everything - had to fit into a single carload of a 4-door sedan. (It involved a lot of inflatable furniture. That's how.) I have been thinking a lot about that design this past week, and how I am not that person. Hell, I wasn't that person when I came up with the idea in the first place, but I feel even further away from it now.

Alas...earwax. And definitely some paper shredding in the near future.


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