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A non-spoilery mini-review. Mostly, because I don't know how I could describe it well-enough to give anything away.

(First off, in case you missed it in 2008, I LOVED In Bruges, the first film from this team.)

Seven Psychopaths could be any of these things:

1) A Seinfeld episode with guns, featuring a dog
2) A commentary on the difficulties of the creative writing process
3) A commentary on the use of violence in film (using Christopher Walken as a critic)

I enjoyed it while I was watching it, then had a "WTF was that?" moment when it was over, and now, as of the next morning, I'm mostly sure that I liked it.

As Gareth said last night, it definitely owes a lot to the "Pulp Fiction" style of vignette storytelling, but that does have it's charms.

Here is an interview with the director, in case you are curious about his viewpoint.


Nov. 12th, 2012 02:48 pm
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Movie review time. Warning, spoilers ahead.

You certainly get your moneys worth as far as running-time goes. The downside is that it seemed like two entirely different movies, with the slower, smaller, less interesting one at the end.

Of the Craig films, I say it's better than Quantum, not as good as Casino Royale. Largely based on the first half of the movie.

Skyfall spoilers through here. )
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Warning - contains a review far longer than this film actually deserves. I just hope you find it funnier than I did the movie...

When we decided to watch Burlesque this weekend, I was expecting a certain amount of camp. What we got was a certain amount of awful. And not even funny-awful.

Here, let me share my pain with you:

By any definition or in any era, I'm really not sure what the performances in this film have to do with actual burlesque. They largely seem to have been lifted from Chicago and cobbled together with bits of A Chorus Line and Moulin Rouge via a vague "plot" (a la CATS - the loose plot bits, I mean, not the dance numbers). There is one Christina Aguilerra number with ostrich fans and striptease that might possibly qualify as an American burlesque routine, and another with Alan Cumming that might just be a reprisal of his role as the Emcee in Cabaret...hard to tell, since he doesn't even get a feature performance.

And then - the plot, such as it is, reads like a kinder, gentler version of Showgirls. NOT EVEN KIDDING. There's the plucky young girl who wants to make it in the big city as a performer, the older female mentor, the envious older female rival, the potential (engaged to someone else) love interest with talent of his own, even the sleazy older businessman who takes an interest in our plucky heroines "career". Throw in Alan Cumming as the doorman, Stanly Tucci in yet another "gay best friend/fairy godmother" role, and the ambiguous financial threat of Cher's club owner possibly losing her beloved and wholesome burlesque (not really) club (which is always FULL of people, so how are they losing money anyway?)to development and there's at least some potential for drama, right? However silly.

Except...Behind a cut in case you care about spoilers but trust me you really don't ) *shakes head*

To give it one marginally bright note: Since I like Cher quite a bit more than she actually deserves, I will admit that I did enjoy her opening song, "Welcome to Burlesque". But then, I'm also a big fan of "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves", so make of that what you will.

To sum up - this was not the worst film I have ever seen, but I really kind of want those 90 minutes of my life back. And what a waste of Alan Cumming.
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Because we happen to have watched some really good, relatively low-budget science fiction films recently - thought I'd share.

First up, Hunter Prey, a version of the classic "individuals from opposite sides in war meet in the wasteland" story, made by Sandy Collora, who may be known to some of you as the creator of Batman: Dead End, a fan film first shown at the 2003 San Diego Comic-Con. Hunter Prey was made in much the same way, with a cast of about five (including Collora) playing multiple roles. The dialog for the first 15 minutes or so of the movie is a bit muffled, but sitting through it is definitely worth it to get to the rest of the film.

Second, Monsters is a story of love and survival in the jungle, with some wickedly cool-looking aliens thrown in. If you mixed up 'Cloverfield' with 'The African Queen' you might sort of get the idea. It does a great job with atmospere, and is also pretty impressive for being created from about 100 hours of improv footage and special effects added by the filmmaker using desktop software. And you can stream it on Netflix. Do it!

Finally, not a film, but a YouTube video. You may have already seen it, but [livejournal.com profile] gmskarka showed it to me, and it's been stuck in my head ever since. I leave you with "She Don't Like Firefly", which is catchy, a lovely ode to a show I adored, and highlights (in a humorous way) one of the more ridiculous socialization problems of geek culture). I mean not so seriously, you'd dump her for that?...Loser.

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Going to see Machete. Probably on Sunday, which also happens to be my birthday.

Turning 40.

Not attending the Renaissance Festival. Electric Boogaloo and I will be working a few days at Front Gate, and there will very likely be a family visit at some point this season. But overall, KCRF and I are just friends these days. We're not madly in love the way we once were, when we had to spend every moment possible together. And I'm okay with that. I have a lot of other interests* to keep me occupied.

Housecleaning, and possibly mucking about in the front garden.

Turning 40. Did I mention? :)

*Writing - I have a novel and sample chapters to finish before World Fantasy Con at the end of October.

Shopping. For important things like a cutting table and office chair. Whee!

*Sewing - I only have about a pavillion things I want to make, and we all know that the only way that happens is by actually working on them.

And that about covers it - aside from also probably going out to celebrate my birthday after the movie. If I add any more to this list, the next thing that will happen is that I'll just give up and spend all weekend sleeping and reading. Which aren't neccessarily bad things - but I feel far too energetic here on the edge of fall to waste it.
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Tomorrow night we're going to Can't Stop the Serenity at Liberty Hall here in Lawrence.

For $10, you get to watch "Serenity", "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog", and "Browncoats: Redemption" (- a lovingly produced, I'm certain, fan-film follow-up to Serenity).

For this low price, you also help support Equality Now, Joss Whedon's charity of choice.

Hope to see you there.
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Watched Ninja Assassin last night...

Comes with blood! Lots of blood! Lots of nifty arcing CGI blood! So much blood that even if you start watching this film expecting a lot of blood, you'll find yourself saying "Hey, that's a lot of blood!" Also, violence! (Think about how the Bride destroys the Crazy 88 in Kill Bill and you're nearly there.) And it's COOL!

Also comes with rain. Not quite as much rain as blood, but when it shows up, it's heavy rain. Rain that bounces off the top of the actors heads in disconcerting fashion when they're having a 'moment'. Also has this actor:

Isn't he adorable? As they say in the movie "He's a ninja? He looks like he belongs in a boy band." His name is Rain. Not in the movie - in the movie he plays 'Raizo'. His name in real life is Rain. Well, actually it's Jeong Ji-Hoon, but over here it's Rain. (And he was once in a boy band.) Stephen Colbert made fun of him, but also had him as a guest on the show. You may have also noticed him in Speed Racer, but not much else, unless you happen to be a fan of Korean cinema. But I digress...

Because wait, there's more! With your Ninja Assassin package, you also get ACTION! Awesome action! Brilliantly choreographed action! (This is not sarcasm on my part!) The fight scenes are fantastic and well-filmed! Also CGI enhanced, but that doesn't matter because they are so much fun to watch! You'll sit there going "Wow, that was awesome!". I am a particular fan of the running ninja battle through heavy speeding traffic. Very nifty. (All though, I'm not sure how secret a society of ninja assassins can remain if they often cause 100-car pile-ups on the freeway...)

But there's still more! When the ninjas aren't running in traffic, they are sneaky. Super sneaky. CGI enhanced sneaky - so they actually coalesce out of the shadows. Accompanied by a sort of slithery-whispery sound effect. That works. It's creepy. I got chills. It was my favorite thing about this movie, because it is so well done. CREEPY! (This effect also made [livejournal.com profile] gmskarka wonder why Ninja Warrior doesn't have a 'blending into shadows' competition round.)

And it is good that the movie has all of this, because it also has dialogue that goes clunk. Like expository scenes that sum up everything that you have just learned right along with the characters in the first part of the movie. This movie tells you lots of things, even after it has just finished showing you the same things. Not even J. Michael Strazinski, called in at the last minute to do an emergency 53-hour marathon rewrite of the script, could stop all of it's clunkiness. I will give him credit for this line, though: "I'm just a forensic researcher. It's like a fancy way of saying I'm a librarian."

The plot, such as it is, contains a half-dozen or so reasons for revenge, combined with a plucky-researcher in over her head after discovering a secret and deadly society, and a REALLY HUGE "gun over the mantle-piece" device. But the plot? Not why you should watch it. And you SHOULD watch it. (If you aren't squeamish about bloody, gorey violence.)

Because it gets four out of five tit-monkeys for:
Action! Creepy-Sneaky ninjas! Guys who can heal themselves while doing finger-exercises! And BLOOD! (It's the star of the show!)

Watch this movie!
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Birds - See? Last Friday was apparently big-ass bird day. Or a sign that the new nature preserve park in northwest Lawrence is doing its job. I went out to run an errand on Friday evening, and on my way out past the park, a huge owl did a flyover of my car. I have no idea what sort it was, but it had wide black bands across its wings. And it had either missed dinner, was building its nest, or was a vegetarian, since its claws were full of leaves. Or maybe it was a medecine-owl?

Anywho, on the way back, same trip mind you, what did I spot on the side of the road feasting on splatted pavement bunny? A VULTURE. Not kidding at all - a red-headed vulture. Good thing I'm not looking for signs and portents, because Yikes!

Cleaning - Some of this happened last weekend. During a semi-regularly scheduled cleaning of the downstairs, I mopped the tile floors. Now they're shades lighter. Okay, so fine, there is a difference between vacuuming and mopping. Grumble. Sigh.

On Sunday I disassembled and vacuumed the entire sectional couch, including under it. Most frustrating thing about it was that when it's done and everything is back in place, you can't see half your hard work. Well, that and the fact that it wiped me out. But the cushions did look spiffy when I was finished. All the pets thought so, too. All our white, and black, and grey haired pets...

Entertainment - Our recent film selections have featured silly science.

Whiteout - It's got action and adventure! It happens in Antarctica! Kate Beckinsale looks just cute as a bug in a rug! It's got dramatic frostbite and possible romance/danger! What doesn't it have? Logical science. If the deadly danger that our heroine faces (aside from murderers, that is) are freezing cold temperatures that can basically burn off your fingers if you go out without gloves - how can it possibly be okay to go outside with your FACE exposed to the same elements?!?!?! Not to mention the dramatic possibilites lost when only the bad guy has his face fully covered.

2012 - Hilarity ensues as John Cusack rushes to save his family from a planet that is literally crumbling beneath thier feet. Or the wheels of their airplane. Whatever. Mildly Spoilery review through here )

Be seeing you.
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I did. This weekend [livejournal.com profile] gmskarka and I watched The Fourth Kind, and went to see Kick Ass.

I am not at all embarrassed to say it. The Fourth Kind scared me to bits. By the end of the film I was covered in goosebumps and felt like every hair on my body was standing on end. Not to mention the paranoia. We had managed to miss most of the advertising for this one, and watched it with only the vaguest notion of what it was about from the title. Which is definitely the way to go. It creeped me out so much that I even did some research into unsolved cases in the area. (Don't read that link if you want to avoid possible spoilers.)

And it earns four out of five tit monkeys for scaring the bejeebus out of me.

As for Kick Ass? It kicked ass, of course. I thought it was very sweet, in its own blood-thirsty, humorously violent kind of way. Rather like Zombieland. I've heard some criticism that the plot is a bit uneven, since the supposed main character is only marginally involved in someone else's story but really, what teenagers life isn't like that at one point or another, especially when the teen in question is trying to figure out his or her role in the great scheme of things?

This one also gets four tit monkeys, for being sweet, and funny, and bloodthirsty. And for having a gag with a bazooka.

Also, why doesn't anyone actually dress up in super hero costumes and fight crime? Oh wait - maybe they do... Ten Real Life Superheros, and a wikipedia entry.
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Watched the trailer for the re-make of the 1981 Clash of the Titans last night.

Did not see any sign of a mechanical owl. Boo.

Also, as in the original version, where, exactly, are the Titans?

Perseus? Not a Titan. A hero, yes, but he was the son of Zeus, who was the first Olympian.

Zeus? Not a Titan. Sure, his parents were, but he was a rebel. Probably had something to do with his dad eating all his brothers and sisters - you know, troubled childhood and all that.

Calibos? Definitely not a Titan. Not even a figure from Greek myth. Probably a basterdized Caliban. His mother is, after all, a sea witch nymph. And while we're on the subject...

Thetis? Possibly a Titan. If they got her name wrong and mixed her up with Tethys. Otherwise, she's just another sea nymph, and Tethys is her mom.

The Kraken? Nope, not a Titan. Even if Posiden is his father. Posiden is another Olympian. And kraken is probably Norse in origin, not Greek. The monster in the orginal legend was called "Ceto", as in "Cetacean", as in WHALE.

Medusa? Still not a Titan. Maybe possibly originally a snake-goddess from an earlier culture, but not a Titan.

Oh, and even if it does make more sense than springing from Medusa's neck juice, Pegasus (also not a Titan), was a magical one of a kind winged horse, not part of a flock.

If you're wondering why I put this much thought into a B-picture with special effects by Ray Harryhausen? Especially when I'm willing to forgive the addition of a super-cute mechanical owl? What can I say? I was poisoned by an early classical education.
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The Unborn - Why, why oh why, did I watch this? That's 90 minutes of my life that I can't get back. With what has to be one of the most disjointed plots I've seen since Los Nuevos Extraterrestres a.k.a. Pod People on MST3K. Oh, and Gary Oldman. Not that it helped.


The Child Thief, by Brom. Because Brom re-read the original Peter Pan and got a bit freaked out by this quote;

"The boys on the island vary, of course, in numbers, according as they get killed and so on; and when they seem to be growing up, which is against the rules, Peter thins them out; but at this time there were six of them, counting the twins as two."

So, he wrote a book around the idea. And threw in some Celtic mythology for good measure, but not in an obnoxious way. It was a good read, very much in keeping with the recent trend of modern faery tales, and I enjoyed it. And if you like stories about slightly creepy, bloodthirsty faeries, you probably will, too.
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Thanks to a friend of [livejournal.com profile] gmskarka's, Coughtober is my new favorite word.

As we arrived here from Sicktember, we've generally felt too tired and run-down to do much of anything except watch movies. Here's a sample.

Push - Lots of people complained about this one, and while we were watching it, I didn't really understand why - then we got to the "end". It seemed like a decent, Heroes-esque action/superhero flick, including this pretty cool "puppet-mook" scene during the climax. I just didn't realize that it was scripted by Scheherazade.

Ghost Story - A 1981 film featuring the Queen of the Borg killing little old famous actors. It had Fred Astaire! It was okay - I probably would have enjoyed it more if I were a fan of Peter Straub. If Mr. Astaire had had a dance number that would have helped, too.

Duplicity - Hey look kids, a caper flick with Clive Owen! Sadly, I consider the ending a definite downer on what is an otherwise decent romantic comedy. (Edited to remove the super spoilery bit.)

Drag Me to Hell is a fairy tale about how you should always be nice to creepy, disgusting old ladies...and kittens. As seen through a Sam Rami filter. It was fun, and mildly creepy, although I still don't buy the premise that any self-respecting gypsy would actually own, much less live in, a house.

Knowing - I liked this one better than the reviewers told me I would. The numbers thing was a nifty hook. It did however remind me quite a bit of the recent remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, with a marginally more depressing ending. Also, the dénouement scene was way heavy-handed, and breaks one of the long-time tenants of "Things to Avoid when writing science fiction". Bah!

The Informers - This is very much a re-hashing of Less than Zero. Which isn't be much of a surprise, since they're both based on the works of Bret Easton Ellis. Would have been far better, and more interesting, if they had left the vampire plot in the film.

Trick 'r Treat - This movie is awesome! And creepy! And thoroughly cute! Kind of like Disney's Halloweentown with loads of violent death added. If you have not seen it and you love Halloween (the holiday, not the film), do so as soon as possible! It is the only film on this whole list on which I will bestow a full five-tit-monkey rating! And lots of exclamation points!

Done now. Be seeing you.
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See, this is why I am not the sort of fan who wants to know about stars personal lives or actual personalities. Well, I also find it sort of intrusive, but anyway...

In an attempt for my poor, sick husband to distract his brain from layout schematics, and for me to relax before this morning's midterm, we spent a Threevening with Kevin Smith, the latest in his series of stand-up routines about his life. And no, I'm not talking about his life. Mr. Smith is a geek's geek and seems like he would be pretty keen to hang out with. I could listen to him talk about his family and his dogs and his friends and his movies and even his hemroid problems (yes, he did) on a regular basis and not get tired of him. He's a funny guy.

No, it's when he starts talking about Hollywood stars and other celebrities that we run into the problem. I mean, it was okay when he said that Ben Affleck is still a pretty nice guy, or when he talked about working on Die Hard 4 and confirmed that Bruce Willis is just about as cool as you would expect from watching either David Addison or John McClane. So that's all good. It was all really funny and enjoyable, until he got to the bit about Timothy Oliphant...

This Timothy Oliphant:

And THIS Timothy Oliphant:

I mean, YUM, right?

Who is also...apparently kind of a jerk. And not like in a smart-ass Han Solo awesome kind-of way, either. More in an, I-need-to-always-be-the-center-of-attention, get my kicks from picking on the "fat kid"; no, I'M the cool kid in the room kind of a jerk. (Bonus: Kevin Smith refers to him as "Oliphantastic" Ha!)

Which is really sort of a downer on all the imaginary sex that I've been enjoying with Mr. Oliphant since Deadwood. 'Cos really, who wants to get that close to a bully? I have better places to take my imagination, thank you. *sigh*

So thanks, Kevin Smith, thanks for being a total imaginary-buzz kill. Although at least you had a great comeback line for Oliphantastic.

Q: "You know what's really cool about Deadwood?"

A: Ian McShane
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Okay, so what do you get when you mix the following:

The philosophy of Neitzche, Sartre and a few others.

A cast of characters based on the French Absurdist play Rhinocéros by Eugene Ionesco.

Political humor and strong commentary on the Bush/Cheney administration.

A secret underground zombie-building Army base...

Next door to a secret underground strip club.

Jenna Jameson

And a bunch of people having way more fun than anyone has a right to while making a movie?

This: Zombie Strippers!

No, I'm not kidding. This has got to be the most FUN I have had watching a movie so far this year. I got it from Netflix kind of as a joke, and really wasn't expecting much from it. Boy, was I wrong.

The basic premise about this zombie plague is that infected women actually retain their higher brain functions while hungering for human flesh, and men become the mindless eating-machines that we all know and loathe. It also apparently turns women into "super strippers". So as the plague slowly works its way through the club, the uninfected girls struggle with the existential angst of whether or not they should join the hoard. Awesome!

Plus, you get scenes like Jenna Jameson (aka Kat, aka zombie girl #1), covered in blood from her first meal, picking up her copy of Neitzche's works and declaring "This makes so much more sense now!"

And it kinda does. I give this film a full five tit-monkey rating, based purely on audacity and fun!
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Apparently, blue goo is bad for you. And addictive. And it comes in little glass vials.

Like this:

Jabrukha - Bright blue goo that transforms Newcomers into horrible, insane battle-monsters.

or this

Zydrate - Bright blue goo that frees you from the pain of plastic surgery. Surgery.

or this

Valkyr - Bright blue goo that gives you an awesome trip, turns you into a battle-monster, and probably drives you mad in the process. But at least you get to see valkyries before you die. That part's pretty cool.

We watched Max Payne the other night. Which was about the experience that you would expect for a movie based on a video game. Despite some cool-looking effects, I am only able to give it about a two-out-of-five rating.

(See user-pic for rating scale)
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I've felt like I've had a low-grade fever for the last week, along with headache and stuffed-up sinuses. Bleah. In order to post without further complaining about how lousy I feel, I bring you...largely non-spoilery reviews!

"I would like a small, dead prince, please." (I love Timebomb!)

First off, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] gamera_spinning, Friend to Geeks, Gareth and I were recently indoctrinated into the group "people who love No Heroics". For those not already in this group, No Heroics is a British comedy series about what D-List super heroes do in their off hours, and it is snarky and wonderful! I'm fascinated by how not-slick the production values are, too. It feels more like a better-quality fan film than a low-budget professional show. The closest American parallel that I can think of is the live-action version of The Tick, but even that featured beautifully made-up actors with perfect hair. One of the actresses on this show regularly sports frizzy, unkempt hair! I happily award No Heroics first series four tit-monkeys, and hope there will be more. :)

Next up, a bit of ridiculous Japanese fluff discovered by [livejournal.com profile] radcliffe called Kamikaze Girls. This one features Gothic Lolita fashion, all-girl scooter gangs and a fight won through the power of embroidery and the effective use of a baseball bat, and is fully deserving of it's five tit-monkey rating. If you like extreme Japanese fashion, friendship with cabbages and men who punch out satellite cameras, this is definitely the film for you. It certainly was for me.

Late to the party, but I don't care because we have Netflix, we have discovered Smallville, and I'm hooked. We tried to watch this in the first season when it originally aired, and just couldn't get into it. At the time I remember thinking that it was too much kryptonite-monster-of-the-week, and it is, a bit. But the main cast is really quite good, and it is obviously the characters that drive the show. For now, based on being part-way into Season One, I'll give it a hopeful three tit-monkey rating.

Finally, one for the not-so-awesome category. I give you Sex and the City: The Movie. I am so glad that I didn't pay money to see this in the theatre. It attempts to condense an entire seasons worth of emotion into a two-and-a-half hour film, so that by the time the inevitable happy ending was on-screen, I had yet to recover from being annoyed with Carrie (and Miranda this time around) for being so selfish, stupid and crazy mid-season/movie. And I'm not sure that this will amuse anyone other than me, but Big's official "real" name, John Preston, reminds me of Prester John, the legendary ruler of a lost/imaginary Christian kingdom, and the object of more than one failed quest. Coincidence? Maybe the writers really do have brains that bend like mine, but I'm still only giving them two tit-monkeys for this film, and that's only because I already liked the characters.

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We watched Lost Boys: The Tribe last night.

As one might expect, there is no way to actually describe it as "good", but it did have it's moments. And it's rated R because this one has pretty-boy-seducing-girl, instead of pretty-boy-seducing-pretty-boy like the original, so they threw in a sex scene - and a lot of random breast shots.

Cut for mildly spoilery pluses and minuses )

This could have been a really funny, actual sequel to the first film. Instead, it's a really lame, really boring teen horror flick, where the alternate endings and the extras are more interesting than the entire movie.

End review.

In other news, I'm mildly depressed that I have to sell my grandparent's Ford Crown Victoria today. I really would have preferred to keep it and restore it, but I lack the skill set for that, and I can't afford to pay someone else to do it. So off he goes. :(
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Iron Man: Yes, it's that good. If you haven't seen it yet, I'm surprised, and you should rectify that immediately. Really, take the afternoon off and catch a matinee - you have my permission.

Shoot Em Up: Clive Owen demonstrates a wide variety of uses for the common carrot. Who knew they could be so much more than a healthy snack? Oh, and he also shoots a lot of bad guys in a wide variety of amusing ways, all while protecting a newborn baby and a lactating hooker. I highly recommend this film as an amusing way to turn your brain off for ninety minutes - if you like carrots.
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Final Review of Tin Man shown here.

On the whole, I rather liked it.

Good stuff first:

1) The tit-monkeys continued to amuse throughout, because when are boob-dwelling flying monkeys not amusing? I mean, c'mon, that is some serious funny.

2) The corsetry also continued to be brilliant, easily explained since the costume designer was Angus Strathie, the designer for Moulin Rouge! and Strictly Ballroom among other things. (Also Catwoman, but let's not hold that against him.) And I still want Azkadellia's leather coat - a lot!

3) This film contains 100% Alan Cumming. (Doing a brilliant job as "Glitch", the literally brainless scarecrow figure - with a zip-top head, no less!)

4) The banter from Glitch and Cain, the "Tin Man" (played by Neal McDonough).
Like this -
"Cain: You know, sometimes it amazes me that you were once an adviser to the queen.
Glitch: I know, me too!"

Cain also gets one of my favorite lines-
"Cain: I know what you're doing. I've lead troops into battle before.
DG: And, how am I doing?
Cain: Well, there's less *hugging* when I do it."

Now, the not so good: Behind a cut because I talk about the ending. )

Once it became completely clear that this was a re-imagined tribute, and that the story itself actually takes place long after the original Dorothy's adventures, my inner fairy-tale demon stopped rumbling, and I enjoyed what they did with the world. It's unfortunate that the ending is the weakest bit, but I tend to find that problem in a lot of fantasy, so I won't hold it against this production. A lot of very talented people worked on this film, and it really shows. I give it four and a half tit-monkeys out of a possible five.
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[livejournal.com profile] gmskarka and I started watching the SciFi Channel production Tin Man last night. (Thank you Netflix.)

We've only watched Part One, so I'll save my review for when we've finished, but here are the things that have jumped out at me so far.

1) Oh my Gods the corsetry is AMAZING! Everywhere, and amazing! Whoever was in charge of corset and bodice construction for this series deserves a medal. There isn't a muffin-topped breast or a corset in free-float around a torso anywhere to be seen. And not just on the Wicked Witch - everywhere - on the showgirls, on the hookers (yes, I said hookers), on women in the middle of crowd scenes - I was highly impressed. And the Wicked Witch has a corseted black coat-thing that I want!

2) Hearing "D.G." aka Dorothy, refer to her experience with the Munchkin characters as being "kidnapped by lawn gnomes", was priceless. Also, Zooey Deschanel, the actress who plays her, has perfected a look that manages to convey "WTF?!" and "Are you high?" in a single glance, and she makes good use of it.

3) The flying CGI monkeys are sort of cool and also sort of creepy, since they have bat faces as well as wings, but they literally start out as tattoos on the Wicked Witch's cleavage. I do not think that laughter was the effect the designers of that particular scene were going for, but that is certainly what it earned from me when she pulled open her beautifully constructed coat and commanded the monkey-bats to fly off her tits.

It's not brilliant television, but so far I think it's loads better than the typical Mansquito Channel garbage, so I'm willing to watch through to the end.


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