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Going to see Machete. Probably on Sunday, which also happens to be my birthday.

Turning 40.

Not attending the Renaissance Festival. Electric Boogaloo and I will be working a few days at Front Gate, and there will very likely be a family visit at some point this season. But overall, KCRF and I are just friends these days. We're not madly in love the way we once were, when we had to spend every moment possible together. And I'm okay with that. I have a lot of other interests* to keep me occupied.

Housecleaning, and possibly mucking about in the front garden.

Turning 40. Did I mention? :)

*Writing - I have a novel and sample chapters to finish before World Fantasy Con at the end of October.

Shopping. For important things like a cutting table and office chair. Whee!

*Sewing - I only have about a pavillion things I want to make, and we all know that the only way that happens is by actually working on them.

And that about covers it - aside from also probably going out to celebrate my birthday after the movie. If I add any more to this list, the next thing that will happen is that I'll just give up and spend all weekend sleeping and reading. Which aren't neccessarily bad things - but I feel far too energetic here on the edge of fall to waste it.
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The trouble with wearing easily recognizable clothing that people have been complimenting all day is that it makes knocking down the delivery guy and running away with the brand new desktop Mac he's carrying a bit too complicated. Curse you, Superman jersey, for keeping me honest!


When my reality gets in my Renaissance Festival, these are not two great things that taste great together. We're missing the last weekend for a variety of real-life reasons that cannot be denied. Among the work deadlines and family obligations that have come up over the last week for this weekend that can't be put off, there is also the matter of an Electric Boogaloo who is really sick, poor kid. And running off to faire when she's sick, can't go, and really wants to be there just seems a bit, well, mean. It would earn me a few points in the Wicked Step-Mother's Union, though...


We just found out that EB's Winter Choir concert selections will all be in Latin. Obviously, this calls for her father and I to attend in full Victorian-era dress. Most other teens would be horrified by this thought. Electric Boogaloo, of course, is all for it.
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The cold seeps in around my bones.

It creeps right in and aches my toes.

It makes me think I've lost my nose,

and wish that I had worn more clothes.

Brrrrrr! fuck.


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