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I have been stuck in a creative and accomplishment dead zone for most of the past year. And probably for a few years before that. I have been intensely frustrated by this for ALL of that time, but knowing WHAT I need to do hasn't helped with HOW to go about doing it.

As a friend said recently about struggling with her own issues, what I have lacked is strategy. No matter how many lists I came up with of Things to Do, I totally lacked a plan for how to accomplish them. So what I had were lists of ideas with nothing crossed off, and this sort of burning anger at myself for failing at being the creative person that I know I am.

But no strategy. So I searched Pinterest for some. And I found one, from a seamstress who packages all of her projects into "kits" ahead of time, so when she has time to work on something, she can get right to it, without wasting time searching for supplies.

This applies directly to my issues, as I had simply crammed 3/4s of my fabric and sewing and art supplies into an overflowing closet in our too-small three-use office space. Which gave me a lot of ideas, but meant that any time I wanted to work on something, I had to spend an hour digging out what I needed for it.

So this weekend, I decided on a strategy. I came up with a simple list, of projects that I want/need to get done in the next six months. New stuff, repairs or alterations to old stuff. Not a very long list, really. Then I sorted through the GIANT PILE of supplies and fabric, picked out what I needed for those projects only, and then packed everything else up and moved it to the basement. That stuff is heavy. I'm sure it qualified as a workout. Then I put everything in easy reach in my newly empty closet. There's a lot more room in that room now. (Side bonus.)

The second part of the strategy is that I can't get out any other stuff until at least half of the things in the closet have been finished and removed to new uses.

We'll see how this goes. If I STILL don't sew after this, I may need to have an extensive yard sale - or a bonfire. But last night, for the first time in ages, I actually did some sewing.

Next up: My WRITING desk. Fingers crossed!
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I have a hoarding problem. I come by it naturally, as in it runs in my family. I'm actively fighting it, as I don't want to have the same issues that my parents are currently dealing with in their basement, or end up leaving a house full of meaningless stuff behind for my step-kids to dumpster after I'm gone. Which is what my grand parents did.

So. Magazines. A giant box of them, left behind when I moved out of my parents house nearly twenty years ago. I've been really good recently, about disposing of magazines & catalogs after I have perused them, or switching entirely to digital when I can.

I was horrified. What was in these things that I needed to save so much that I BOXED THEM UP and stored them? Was my brain going to tell me I still needed them? ACK! So I started looking. And well, instant relief.

Decorating magazines (LOTS of decorating magazines). But I have a Pinterest now. Digital Hoarding = FREEDOM from paper!!!

Also, a pile of Writer's Digests with no longer relevant writing and publishing advice, (I've got the internet for that now) nostalgic only because they are direct evidence of my parents and grandparents (they all bought me subscriptions at one point or another) belief in my writing ability. I may take a few pictures to remember them by, but I don't have to keep them.

Take that, hoarding brain!


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