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As the website says "For the removal of stress in office environments"

Tea and Kittens!
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Mad parallel parking skillz, I has them.

This morning, when I reached my usual parking street, there was only one space left, and it was rather small due to the fact that a tiny red car had been parked with about four feet of pavement between it and the next car in line. The remaining space had about a foot of clearance on my car.

Oh yes, I went for it. And made it. Without tapping into either of the flanking cars. When I had finished parking and got out of the car, the grounds crew of about eight guys who had been watching me (because, you know, nothing better to do...) gave me a shout-out on my "impressive" parking skillz.

On a totally unrelated note, I just do not get the body chemistry of some people. On my way across our campus in the 30-ish degree weather, I spotted a girl on her way to class who was wearing a low scooped neck top and jeans. No coat, hair up in a bun, her only concession to the cold seemed to be her gloves. I looked around, and yes, everyone else on the street was covered in cold-weather gear the same way I was. I would have been FREEZING. Maybe her cell phone keeps her warm?!?!?!?


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