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Duran Duran released a new album this week. According to thier producer, Mark Ronson, they went for a sort of "imaginary follow-up to Rio" concept, which is pretty evident in several of the tracks. I do not have a problem with that. (It also doesn't hurt that I think Simon is still pretty damn hot...) Here, check out the new video:

I like and or love a wide variety of music in a vast array of styles. DD will always be my favorites for a very simple reason - listening to their music makes me happy, even when the songs are kind of dreamy and sad. In fact, I think that they are rather genius at crafting songs that can make you feel at once nostalgic and glad about it.
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True Blood

HBO came through and shipped out Tru Blood in time for us to drink it during the season finale. It is in fact a tasty orange soda. And I now have a fancy new water bottle on my desk at work. :)

And Maryann, I loved you! You were blood and claws and crazy, wrapped in laughter and some really nice Boho fashion. I'll miss you...and can I have your clothes?

Harry Potter

Universal Studios is working on a new HP theme park in Orlando. Called The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I've managed to avoid the siren call of giant overpriced amusement parks for years, but they may finally have my number.


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