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Apparently, my daily lunchtime walk has added benefits beyond exercise and waist-line reduction. I'm also re-building my heat tolerance.

Today's Here and Now had an interesting mini-interview on the downside of air-conditioning with the author of this book: Losing Our Cool: Uncomfortable Truths About Our Air-Conditioned World. He also happens to be from Salina.

The tidbit that caught my attention in the interview was the bit where he discusses how our bodies lose the ability to regulate our internal temperatures, specifically the ability to withstand higher heat indexes, the longer we spend in air-conditioned environments.

So, when your parents or your grand-parents tell you how they grew up without air-conditioning in 100-degree weather and never needed it, they may very well NOT be exaggerating - this time. :)
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For no discernable reason, I have Nancy Sinatra's Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) playing in my head. It's not like I've watched Kill Bill recently or anything. No, really, that's not sarcasm - I haven't.

Lyrics here, in case you were wondering )

In other news, no major progress on purging the house this weekend. I did get rid of a car-load of recycling (including filling the back and front passenger seats), but that feels like running in place. And I mowed the lawn. Which, while neccessary, never really feels satisfying to me because I know I'll just have to do it again. At least it's excercise.

Instead of other progress on the house, we took advantage of the gorgeous weather on Saturday and larked off to Topeka to visit both branches of Dean's Used Books (where I was able to replace three of the paperbacks that I lost to termites and flooding in New York lo these many years ago), drop in unexpectedly on friends we don't see often enough, and eat lunch at Bobo's Drive-In (yes, the one featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives). Bobo's does in fact, make a tasty burger. The onion rings are also quite nice - not greasy, and not actually rings (they chop them in half), so they're easier to eat. We finished up the day with the latest episode of Doctor Who, and watching the KC Wizards game (they won).

Sunday included the previously mentioned recycling trip, hauling Electic Boogaloo all over creation (but now I know where her boyfriend lives, so that's good), and watching a lot of television. That would be Doctor Who (again), The Pacific, and the premiers of the Tudors and Treme. Oh, and some random football matches here and there.

As for excercise - I'm now on my second week of walking across campus at lunch time. I usually get in one circuit of stair climbing here in the library most days, but it just seemed silly to waste such a pretty campus and nice weather by eating lunch here at my desk. Also, when I venture outside, I get rewarded by silliness; like the hula hoop give-away that was happening on campus today. Yes, I may very well have attempted hula-hooping on the lawn of the administrative building. Ha! So, outdoors it is, until it gets too ridiculously hot to think about going out at noon. As an added incentive, [livejournal.com profile] radcliffe has agreed to join me on my perambulations, so now I will have conversation and excercise! This is made of win! (She got a hula-hoop, too.) Now if I could just find somewhere to play double-dutch jump rope again, my routine would be complete... :)
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No, it's not a code for anything. I'm just using what's at hand to help me get moving. It takes about 45 minutes walking at a steady pace to get to and use all available staircases in my building. If I do that every day at lunch, and use my breaks to hit just the stairs in one wing, I'll have added an hour and fifteen minutes of excercise to my day for free and without having to go outside and face the elements.

I just need to wear quiet shoes while I'm doing it.


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