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It was a busy weekend, and I didn't even have to leave my house, as Operation Gareth and Laura get offices went into full swing. I will have a place to write and sew and craft! Gareth will have a door to close work behind at the end of the day!

I moved a desk, two dressers, two beds, and a futon (with help). Also all of the things that were stacked on and around those pieces of furniture. And then there was the vacuuming. Soooo much vacuuming!

End result:

With the exception of the desk, which is waiting for risers to make it tall enough for a certain husband to use comfortably (antique furniture is great, except that a lot of it was designed for much shorter people), and a full size mattress & box spring that are now "spare", and I haven't decided what to do about, things are in place and ready to use.

Each office has a comfortable place for visiting children/guests to sleep.

Our two grown daughter's belongings are neatly arranged so that they can find them when they visit, and take away as much as we can force on them what they want for their own places.

The floors are much cleaner than they were on Friday. (Soooo much vacuuming.)

Future planning:

I have more crafty/sewing stuff to haul out of the cellar and store in my new office. I am really looking forward to having ALL THE THINGS organized in one room (for the first time in over a decade), so that each project does not have to begin with trying to remember where I put something, then shutting the cats in the bathroom so they can't get in to the cellar, then moving boxes/digging through boxes to find what I need and hauling it upstairs.

We have a lot of art to frame and hang up, now that there's room for it.

Note to self:

Paper hoarding is obviously still a HUGE problem for me. I plan to use the new workspace available to me to sort and get rid of massive amounts of it. Hopefully the fabric hoarding will take care of itself once I'm sewing more.
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So, haven't really had any major progress to report on the move that ate my life recently. A lot of books have slllloowwwllyy made their way onto a lot of shelves, but that's about it.

That changes this weekend, as I am heartily tired of not be able to DO THINGS because there is a box in my way or I can't find something.

52 has been seriously neglected in practice, though it is never far from my thoughts.

Make sure to tune in next week for Creativity, coming back to this space, ASAP!
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Remember a few posts back when I mentioned once designing a totally portable studio apartment?

[livejournal.com profile] gmskarka just sent me this link. This apartment isn't portable, but it's fascinatingly tiny:

90 Square Foot Apartment in NYC

And if you don't know NYC, trust me, she isn't lying about the awesome location.
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For one thing, water continues to really want to be involved in our major life events. We were soaked and cold on our wedding day, and have been soaked and cold during this entire moving process. Boo. I mean, SNOW?!?!! Really? I thought "out like a lamb" indicated Spring, not "White & Fluffy".

Also, being soaked and cold all the time, plus the stress of moving, pretty much = entire family ill with bad cold for weeks on end. What fun. The worst bit for me is that I'm starving all the time, but nothing tastes good - or at all, for that matter. Well, that and the wracking cough. Hello cold medicine, cough drops and Emergen-C.

Bonus round: While cleaning at the old house on Sunday, I realized that there was a problem with the heater - no heat & no hot water. Which meant that I couldn't really clean, since it was nearly freezing inside the house. As I really don't want to have to clean up ANOTHER flood just before we hand over the keys, I called the management company. I think I'll be doing that a lot in the next 4 days. I did haul away a bunch of recycling, however.

On the plus side (finally): At our new home, we got most of the master bathroom & kitchen stuff put away over the weekend. And the living room is livable. Tonight, we tackle the dining room and possibly some of our bedroom, since some of the furniture in the staging area dining room belongs there. Large portions of this move in to the new place are sort of (in some cases literally) stacked on top of one another - we have to have THIS in place to be able to move THAT, and so on. I picked at the tail of the beast by putting a few more things out of the way in the cellar, but that is definitely not a permanent solution.

Next up - moving furniture and purging more things.
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So far this week I have managed to haul at least one carload over to the house every day. I feel that two or more would have been better, but I suppose every bit helps.

We're really behind on filling up the built-in bookshelves - since they're right there, it makes sense for us to fill them up first, instead of having boxes piled around waiting for furniture. Being a house full of sick people for the last week or so sort of put a crimp in that plan, but todays carload will take care of some of that.

For the weekend, we're borrowing a van and wearing ourselves out with the hauling. Woot!..or something...

Wish us luck!
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If I posted an entire list of everything we need to do by the end of March, I would probably collapse from exhaustion just by reading it. Instead, I think just looking at it a few pieces at a time is the way to go. So, here's how it went this past weekend.

Clean current house for viewing by potential tenant.
Do the recyling.
Take stuff we aren't using out of closets & cabinets and bring to new place.
Sweep new basement.
Move the storage shelves & stuff on them out of the garage and into the new basement.
Go through books in garage. Divide in to Keep vs. Sell/Donate/FreeCycle boxes.

Clean current house for viewing by potential tenant.
Do the recyling.
Take stuff we aren't using out of closets & cabinets and bring to new place.
Sweep new basement.
Move the storage shelves & stuff on them out of the garage and into the new basement.

Go through books in garage. Divide in to Keep vs. Sell/Donate/FreeCycle boxes.

We didn't actually get ALL of the shelves moved out of the garage, but that's largely because we didn't go through the books, so they're still sitting on the shelves.

Plans for after work this week:
Bring over & unpack at least 2 carloads of boxes a day.
Go through books in garage. Divide in to Keep vs. Sell/Donate/FreeCycle boxes. (Then do that.)
Finish moving the garage shelves.

Also, gotta say I'm glad we're moving now (at the end of winter) for another very important reason. If we were doing this in August, all the bugs & spiders that I'm encountering in the garage would be ALIVE. *shudder*
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1) Sick. Have been so for over a week with a cold that fluctuates between giving me a few sniffles here and there and leaving me feeling like a plague victim. After sleeping about 18 hours Monday (aided by furry water bottles in the form of two cats and a dog), I'm up and moving around, but everyone still sounds like they're underwater.

2) Moving. Ack! From a two-story townhome with garage on the edge of town to a single-story house with a cellar in my favorite part of town and in walking distance to almost everything. And did I mention the built-in cupboards in the "new" place? They're everywhere. I love them. With all the bookshelves we're bringing with us, we may actually have space for ALL of our books now. Until we buy more, that is. And of course, there are all the hassles of moving to be dealt with over the next month. Did I mention I hate moving? With a firey passion that burns greater than a thousand suns? It sets off pretty much every trigger I have about security and "my stuff".

3) Item 2 sort of derailed my 52 project for now. I'm going to have some serious catching up to do after March, or I won't be pleased with myself at all. At least I'm still managing to write a bit every day.
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Going to see Machete. Probably on Sunday, which also happens to be my birthday.

Turning 40.

Not attending the Renaissance Festival. Electric Boogaloo and I will be working a few days at Front Gate, and there will very likely be a family visit at some point this season. But overall, KCRF and I are just friends these days. We're not madly in love the way we once were, when we had to spend every moment possible together. And I'm okay with that. I have a lot of other interests* to keep me occupied.

Housecleaning, and possibly mucking about in the front garden.

Turning 40. Did I mention? :)

*Writing - I have a novel and sample chapters to finish before World Fantasy Con at the end of October.

Shopping. For important things like a cutting table and office chair. Whee!

*Sewing - I only have about a pavillion things I want to make, and we all know that the only way that happens is by actually working on them.

And that about covers it - aside from also probably going out to celebrate my birthday after the movie. If I add any more to this list, the next thing that will happen is that I'll just give up and spend all weekend sleeping and reading. Which aren't neccessarily bad things - but I feel far too energetic here on the edge of fall to waste it.
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Confession (and purging) is good for the soul...

I gave myself a four-day weekend with one goal: Remove junk from the garage.

Junk, in this case, meant things that needed to be recycled, either at a recyling center or via donation. Also, actual trash.


One giant bag of trash, which will leave on garbage pick-up day. (Tomorrow morning.)

Two car loads of recycled materials - cardboard, aluminium, steel, plastics, paper, etc... (Already gone.)

One car-trunk packed full of mens and womens clothes and shoes, ready to be dropped off at the soonest opportunity. (I prefer to donate stuff like this to the VA Hospital or truly local charities, so scheduling is sometimes difficult - but it's in the car.)

Another trunks-worth of household things - lamps, extra dishes and other knick-knacky stuff, packed into boxes and waiting for their own space in the car on their way to somewhere-that-isn't-my-problem. I may FreeCycle a few of the larger items, but most of it will go to whichever charity seems able to use it best, by next Saturday. (Suggestions welcome on that, local-types.)

One large box of things that belong to my sister, which I will give to my parents to take to her when they visit later this summer.

Space results:

One side of the garage is now clear all the way back to the shelves against the wall;
1) Making it way easier to park and get in and out of the car, and
2) Allowing me to get to the boxes on those shelves without moving other things around.
3) Which will make it far, far easier to get into those boxes and get rid of more stuff!

Psych Results:

It is, of course, inevitable that I will eventually reach the stage where I have to deal with the "Bunny!" factor once again. But the more I can deal with things that I truly don't want, the more room there will be for the things that I do.
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How did February get to be half-over already? It seems like I just turned my office calendar over to the latest cute illustration of mice (eating peanuts this month), and now we're already at the 15th? Whimsy for the win, BTW. (House Mouse Designs are the cutest - check them out.)

I spent most of my "free" time at the end of January performing inventory on our media possessions. I cataloged and stored all of the graphic novels we had piled up in the living room, and our DVD collection, which I also reorganized on the shelves. Since we don't have the room to just file them alphabetically, this led to a few entertaining discussions, such as whether giant monster movies belong under classic horror or science fiction, and where in the hell do you put Sukiyaki Western Django? Also, I seem to be missing my copy of the original Alien Nation movie. Did I loan it to any of you fine people at some point? If so, I don't need it back right away - I'm just wondering where I put it.

This month I've heading back in to my neglected sewing area and started to plow through it so I can sew easily again without having to move half-a-dozen piles of stuff. The problem with having an open-air sewing area that's right in the middle of the house is that it ends up as a dumping ground for anything that I'm not currently wanting to deal with but need to put down somewhere. After a while, the table is buried, and the thought of having to unbury it in order to sew is too depressing. Boo. :( So I'm unburying it while not thinking about sewing. Hopefully, this will help.

And, since I can't really work on that and hang out with the family, I'm also cleaning up the household files in the living room. Because I am half-sick of paperwork. Especially old records that should have been pitched/shredded/burned ages ago instead of stuck in a file and never looked at again. Bleh. The first step to this was deciding what actually needs to stick around. Now that I have that list in my head, everything else can go. It has been very enjoyable, actually, to get rid of this stuff. Because even I lack sentimental attachment to the things one is likely to find in old piles of papers and catalogs, so I can enjoy the satisfaction of pitching without any of the stupid stress about "my stuff".

I'm okay with being a dragon. I'm definitely not okay with being a hoarder.
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Sorting Win.
I knocked back the piles of stuff in the garage by a few feet and consolidated things like the four semi-filled boxes of books and media to get rid of (that have been floating around in various places) into just two that are now easily located and ready to go out the door.

Sorting Fail.
I opened up one of the boxes of stuffed toys from my parents house, fully intending to sort out just the few that were hand-made by my mother and other relatives and prepare to donate the rest. So I opened the box and looked inside. My under-brain took one look at the toys, said "Bunny!", and promptly had me close the box again. *facepalm*

Television Win.
The season finale of Mad Men. Yay Joan!

Television Fail.
Dexter. I'm tired of the unsympathetic wife, his sloppy mistakes, and the overall bad writing of this season. Boo.

In Other News:

We're going to see Leonard Cohen tonight!!! *bounce*

We're taking the dog to the vet tomorrow. She has been making doggie-"Ouch" noises every few days for the last couple of weeks. Yesterday, she was favoring her right hind leg, didn't want to stand up, and yelped in pain every time she moved. Today, she's fine. ???

And finally, I think this might be fun - KC Game Fair. Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] gamera_spinning for pointing it out.
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Knowing what I should do about this and doing it are two vastly different things. I'm posting about it so I can get the anxious feeling out of my system. Bah! to you, anxiety!

I have classic hoarding issues. Not about everything. The internet age has thankfully freed me from the need to hang on to obscure reference materials just in case that knowledge comes in handy again one day. I can happily digitize pretty much any piece of paper I own and send the original into a recycling bin if I do want to keep the info handy. And I don't have to own every book I have ever read anymore. I know where to find them if I want them again. I do, after all, work in a library.

I'm even pretty good about handing off or otherwise disposing of objects that are no longer useful to me. Kitchen utensils, old electronic equipment, the papasan destroyed by years of children throwing themselves into it with elephantine grace, old magazines, even old clothes and shoes.

But if it's something to which I can assign sentimental value? Or something I don't want that I think can be turned into something I do want? I'm screwed.

Today's example: This morning, I set a fanback wicker "Morticia" chair out on the curb. If no one has helped themselves to it by tomorrow morning, it goes to the dump. It isn't in the best of shape due to the cats using it as a scratching post, and I've had it sitting in the garage, unused and largely unusable, for AGES. But I couldn't throw it out until today. And there is still a part of my brain that is nagging me about pitching it. Because I loved it, and because a friend gave it to me. - See? What my brain finally - finally allowed me to see is that the important thing is that I still have the friend - not the chair. Out it went.

Sentiment. It's just like sediment. Useful in small amounts, and destructive when it builds up over time.


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