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What to do when you have
1) a garbage bag of polyfill stuffing
2) a pile of t-shirts that you love for the memories but never wear
3) also throw pillows covered in hideous upholstery

New throw pillows, of course. LOTS of them.

And so it begins...

52 Pick-Up

Jan. 5th, 2012 04:29 pm
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So, in the best laid plans category, I botched my roll on 52 finished creations (one per week) for 2010. Moving house DID throw a rather large wrench into the process, so I'm trying not to be too hard on myself. But I have definitely decided that I like this goal, so I'm trying it again this year.

Total count on things created and finished for last year: 12. Items included jewelry, clothing, a short story, and two computer-cozy-covers for new laptops for the teenagers. Which puts me at roughly one-per-month, rather than one-per-week. Which is at least 7 more things than I finished in 2009, so at least I'm gaining.

Here's one of the computer cozys:

Green Lantern FTW!

One of those finished things was not a novel, although it almost was - I fell short of my goal in December, and it's not quite there. We'll see how January goes.

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Right, so here's a link to the story I mentioned earlier:

Jade Ghost Story

Also, here's an inspirational post on writing and fear of failure: Fail Better. by John Remy at Inkpunks
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Ever hear the joke about the failed artist who threw himself off a building because he never finished anything and got hit by a bus before he struck pavement? I think I know how he must have felt.

Right, so remember this post from me? 52 Yes, the one where I was all hopeful and determined and stuff? And then I managed about three things before I allowed myself to get sidetracked and then derailed by moving house. And now it's June, half a year later.

I'm still not back on track entirely. Too much of my craft/art/sewing stuff is currently packed into our new cellar for me to be happy or use it easily. But I have been writing. A lot. Not every day, but normally at least five out of every seven. Lots and lots of words. More words than I have written in years. And I'm happy about that part. Not so happy about the fact that even with all those new words, I hadn't actually finished anything.

Until last night. It isn't much as words go, but it's complete. There's a beginning, a middle, and most importantly, an end. I have to violate my 52-rule about sharing it here because it will be going up on another website, but I will share the link when it goes up.

So, here is to my teeny-tiny story, and it's ending. I plan to give you more companions soon!

EDIT: As promised, a link to my story here. Jade Ghost Story
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So, haven't really had any major progress to report on the move that ate my life recently. A lot of books have slllloowwwllyy made their way onto a lot of shelves, but that's about it.

That changes this weekend, as I am heartily tired of not be able to DO THINGS because there is a box in my way or I can't find something.

52 has been seriously neglected in practice, though it is never far from my thoughts.

Make sure to tune in next week for Creativity, coming back to this space, ASAP!
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Old house is empty and clean. Hooray!

This week saw the last of the scrubbing and recycling and trash out the door. I finished up by giving the garage a good sweep, and it's done.

I only pulled one muscle during the process - whatever the one is that wraps around my left ribcage and attaches to my spine. It kinda hurts a lot, but only when I breathe.

This weekend, not only does the weather look promisingly Spring-like, we also get to focus on putting the new house in order. Double Hooray!

I'm looking forward to knowing where my clothes are, and maybe being able to start MAKING THINGS again next week.

Also, for your viewing pleasure, here is a link to Duran Duran's performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon from last night: Leave a Light On. DD has been on everywhere for the last two weeks - it's like I'm 14 again. squee!
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1) Sick. Have been so for over a week with a cold that fluctuates between giving me a few sniffles here and there and leaving me feeling like a plague victim. After sleeping about 18 hours Monday (aided by furry water bottles in the form of two cats and a dog), I'm up and moving around, but everyone still sounds like they're underwater.

2) Moving. Ack! From a two-story townhome with garage on the edge of town to a single-story house with a cellar in my favorite part of town and in walking distance to almost everything. And did I mention the built-in cupboards in the "new" place? They're everywhere. I love them. With all the bookshelves we're bringing with us, we may actually have space for ALL of our books now. Until we buy more, that is. And of course, there are all the hassles of moving to be dealt with over the next month. Did I mention I hate moving? With a firey passion that burns greater than a thousand suns? It sets off pretty much every trigger I have about security and "my stuff".

3) Item 2 sort of derailed my 52 project for now. I'm going to have some serious catching up to do after March, or I won't be pleased with myself at all. At least I'm still managing to write a bit every day.

2 of 52

Jan. 24th, 2011 01:29 pm
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So, for my next trick.


Bloomers! 2 of 52. on Twitpic

Ta Da!

Also, I wrote a short story this past weekend. By hand. Which still seems to be the key to fast, easy writing for me. I don't know why I ignore it. When I type, I often spend far too much time going back over things and editing as I write, instead of just getting the story out. So, more hand writing is in my future. Unfortunately, that means I do have to type it out to be able to show it to anyone else, so that's the goal for this week.

I just couldn't get this nursery rhyme verse out of my head, so I used it as a story prompt:

My Mother said I never should
Play with the gypsies in the wood;

Be seeing you.
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I did not finish anything last week. Boo.

I did make significant headway on both a short story and a pair of bloomers (they're short and red - oooh, racy). The bloomers will most likely be done by the end of this week, in which case, pictures! The short story is coming along, but it surprised me by being a short story, rather than the micro-fiction I had "planned", so I'm not sure when it will be done. I am however both excited about it, and determined to finish it, so I'm sure I'll get there.

In lieu of talking about my projects, I will instead pimp the projects of two inspirational ladies:

First, one who inspired me to keep my goals well-defined and attainable via her year long cello vlog. Thank you [livejournal.com profile] nataliesee!

Check it out here!
Natalie at the cello

Here's her final vlog:

Next up, [livejournal.com profile] kaz_mahoney (who also shares my Wonder Woman obsession, so you know she's super-cool), periodically comes up with really nifty ideas for writing. Her most recent inspiration, and one I have actually managed to keep up with, is to write AT LEAST 250 words of fiction EVERY day.

Shown here, at her blog.

So, there you go. Please enjoy these very inspiring posts, and I will be back soon with an actual project update.

Be seeing you!
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Meant to put this up over the weekend, but I had a learning curve on getting my picture posted, so here it is now:

First of 52. on Twitpic

Nothing too fancy, but I'm pleased with it. The pendant is a faience Eye of Horus that Electric Boogaloo wasn't wearing anymore. I quite like jewelry with a tribal, psuedo-Egyptian look to it, especially for summer, so I expect it will see a lot of wear. The most difficult bit was getting the leather cord to go through the white bone beads/vertebrae. I had to em-biggen the holes just a little to accomodate the cord, which I did by swirling a hat pin around the inside of each piece to grind off a tiny bit of bone. And voila!

Lessons learned:
1) Making the necklace, fairly easy (except for the grinding bit). Lack of time is so not an excuse for this kind of thing.

2) My sewing/crafting area needs a major overhaul, again. My jewelry supplies are crammed in crates under the sewing table, and it took nearly as much time to dig everything I wanted out as it did to design and make the necklace.

I also wrote (nearly) every day, and sketched a couple of new outfit ideas last week.

So, there it is. 51 more to come. :)


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